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Comment Re:Well duh, it's hackable (Score 1) 180

Big diffrence between "Hackable" and "Open," the later being designed to create an ease of use. Linksys actually stopped making them (the open L version) for a short period only to be met with huge backlash from the open source firmware community. Don't get me wrong, someone advanced enough could add USB or a card reader slot to the hardware and 'hack it' but it's built to be an inexpensive option for the open source firmware community that allows custom firmware.

Comment Re:No one hurt . (Score 2) 596

You may laugh, but, from the actual article:

"researchers found that there were seven to 15 crashes per month in the U.S. caused by pedal application errors. Females were the drivers in nearly two-thirds of the pedal misapplication crashes identified in crash databases and in a media scan used in the study."

And how many of those women were wearing something other than a standard shoe...

Comment Re:Sensational! (Score 1) 376

The article on fark said that the kid had been trying to download some songs from PirateBay of a Finnish? singer she liked. The torrents never worked so she and her dad BOUGHT the album she was trying to download...

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