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Comment Re:Reminds me of kids. (Score 5, Funny) 460

You gave me a great visual which got completely out of control in my head:

Imagine India read your message and thought, "Hey, if we just GO there and build an artificial island, we'd clearly be reamed by the international community... but if we LAUNCHED enormous granite boulders from India into the sea as part of, say, a scientific experiment, and they happened to land on that island and were big enough, we'd have sovereignty again!"

Then of course, Bangladeshi spies discover the plan and formulate a boulder launching initiative of their own.

There's a great boulder arms race, a frantic push to move boulders to the coast, boulders destroyed before they can be loaded by opposition spies, boulder transport sabotage, and when they finally reach the coast and the enormous catapults specifically built by whichever local contractor said they could get them done in time are deployed, the great boulder launching war begins, each launching boulders "harmlessly" as part of scientific experiments toward the same island at the same time, using catapults prone to poor accuracy due to the late contractor bidding and the fact that they were built in India and Bangladesh.

I can see the headline now:
Indian statesman quoted as saying "This is the fourth incident of Bangladeshi's clearly ruthlessly expansionist government interfering with our harmless scientific experiments through high-tech mid-air boulder tracking technology they have secretly been developing with neighboring terrorist states for years."

Comment Re:Too much lock-in. (Score 2, Informative) 54

There's no lock in. You can list an app and leave the whole thing as third party with no integration with Google Apps.

If I'm some random Google user and I use Gmail, Calendar, and other apps every day, and I also use Joe's Hosted Task Manager, it would be very convenient for that to be in the google apps tabs and on my google apps domain.


Submission + - HaveAByte Offers Turn-Key Solution for Service Org (

erikdotla writes: "Dispatch scheduling and work order system for Windows, web browser, and mobile devices improves bottom lines and enables company growth. has partnered with Ground Zero Tech-Works to offer an online "Software as a Service" solution for AyaNova — the #1 service management, dispatch scheduling and work order software. AyaNova has enabled clients to organize their service-based businesses since 1996 in over 61 countries and more than 80 different types of businesses. The solution offers interfaces for Windows, web browsers, and mobile browsers such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm devices which connect to a secure online database."

Boot Camp For Suckers? 610

DigitalDame2 writes "PC Magazine's Editor-in-Chief says the whole Mac/Windows dual-boot thing is really nothing to get excited about. He writes that Boot Camp is really just a plan to get Windows users to convert to OS X." From the article: "Once you've laid out a few kilobucks on your BC system and been frustrated a few times with Windows limitations, what are you going to do? Jobs's bet: You'll start spending more and more time in OS X, until you--too--become one of the pod people. It's sad to see so many of my compatriots being turned into lemmings. Perhaps they'll wake up and smell the Apple pie in the sky--and realize they've been taken for a ride. But I doubt it."

The Real Purpose of DRM 235

Roberto writes "Gorgeous nerd Annalee Newitz hacked a political interpretation to recent vacuum cleaner cockfights at O'Reilly's ETech: 'Hollywood corporations have finally admitted that the real reason they built digital restriction management (DRM) software into PVRs and DVD players was to stop geeks from turning their recording devices into back-alley combat machines. You haven't seen ugly until you've watched what a DVD player without DRM can do to a TiVo.' Don't try to even think of this at home."

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