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Comment Re:Largely Demand Driven (Score 1) 490

> Anyone that runs the numbers honestly on the needed infrastructure realizes
> that the whole e-mobility vision is a ridiculous joke

It wasn't a joke when cars had not much more range in the 1930s. The Model T got about 15 to 20 mpg and had a 10 gallon tank. That's the same range as the Tesla S. And this is precisely why there are "gasoline alleys", leftover remnants of that era when every city had a string of stations around every major artery so people could top up again on their trips.

Except that in the `30's it still only took 10 minutes to top off and you were on the next 200-mile leg of your trip. Batteries and charging have a long way to go and may never catch up to that level of convenience.

Comment Re:I'll second that. (Score 1) 605

If GP had pointed out that the requirement is for third party cover, then you might realize why your analogy sucks.

Not everywhere requires insurance to cover a 3rd party. In the state of Michigan for example, we are a no-fault state. Your auto insurance covers you and your car. In this way, if I own a Ferrari and someone else runs it over, my insurance pays for it, not theirs. This was done to put a stop to the rampant lawsuits and insurance companies refusing to pay claims based on fault.

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