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Submission + - Facebook, GMail and GVoice in the same desktop app (

eric_herm writes: In spite of standardizing and advances in term of cross messaging, the situation didn't move since 10 years, chat networks are still isolated. We all have some friends using
Facebook, some using GMail, and some who just use the good old phone system, and keeping track of this is annoying. Thankfully for us, the good folks from Yate have released a new version of their opensource client, who now support Facebook chat, GMail (GTalk) chat and GVoice calls in one desktop application. They have versions for Linux, Windows and Mac. Now you no longer have to open 3 differents applications to speak with others.


Submission + - Mandriva fire most of the distribution team

eric_herm writes: Following the news of Edge-it liquidation, Mandriva subsidiary, most paid distributions developpers have
announced to the community on forum and mailling list they were leaving, culminating today with the departure of Anne Laure Nicolas, head of engineering.
The whole community is waiting on a positive announce on 17 september, but the perspective look quite bleak for the free software distribution, and while there was some announce about a possible russian investor, users on the forum express their concern with the inevitable loss of quality that will occurs following the layoff. This already bad news affect the company, already weakened by the scandal in Korea about Metanav, who sued everybody for using GPL.
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Submission + - Mandriva in the storm (

eric_herm writes: It seems that the rumors of the previous month about Mandriva being for sale have been more than simple rumors. Frederic Cuif, active member of the french user association have sum up the various possibilities and contacts he had, and explained the various outcome he envision. Since Mandrake/Mandriva is still a solid distribution, and one that brought many Linux users to the world of free software since years, what do slashdotters think of this news, and of the future of the company ?

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