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Comment Re: oh, yes (Score 1) 199

If anything, Russia has provided a service to the US in strengthening our democratic process.

... By hastening the day one or both of the statutory duopoly political parties is replaced by a new one, or dramatically re-habbed so much it might as well be a new one.

Not that I think that's actually likely in the near future -- meaning the lifetime of anyone voting now.

Comment Easily fixed (Score 1) 166

Bring in more oxygen. Plenty of sources to chose from, including: cometary ice, the Oort cloud, satellites of outer planets. Hard to say which is cheapest way to do it, at a fast enough pace. Bezos will probably pick some ways, Musk others.

Of course, there's that pesky hydrogen attached to it, but there's a solution to that: electrolysis powered by practical controlled fusion.

This has the advantage of producing helium as waste, which can be used for buoyancy of balloons, blimps, dirigibles, etc. When it escapes it'll just float up to the top of the atmosphere, and beyond.

And it will escape -- an atom at a time, because it's good at leading through surfaces and past fittings, or in bulk when the balloons pop or the buoyancy cells vent, or whatever -- eventually.

So, all we need to replace that lost oxygen is to become spacefaring (for the ice runs) and practical fusion power (which is only 15 to 25 years away, as it has been for about half a century).

At that rate of loss, we have time to work out the practical details.

I've done the hard part. You youngsters just have to work out those details.

(You're welcome.)

Comment Technique adaptable to another endevor? (Score 1) 87

OK, I can see how this could be used to create strains of bacteria resistant to a large number of antibiotics. Don't see that as a practical activity for most people.

As I have no current plans to become a bio-terrorist, this technique isn't terribly useful to me in its current form.

Could it be adapted somehow, perhaps to turn federal judges and/or bureaucrats and other such life-forms into productive members of society?

If I come up with something, I'll post it here. K?

[mutters] Take a really big petri dish, and put stripes of something across it, and put the test subjects at one end. But stripes of what? Maybe ... [muttering becomes unintelligible]

Comment Humanity, as oppose to ...? (Score 1) 209

Martians? Thetans? Let's go with some part (or parts) of humanity. I bet that's what was meant.

Best to break the question up into smaller questions.

Will government? (NASA is asking the question, so that inclines one to believe that's the entire question. Especially before one RTF.) (The track record of Soviet Union and East Germany and ... suggests it's an unpromising approach.)

Will the private sector (not-for-profit)? Possibly, at least for their own expeditions. Do it well? Well enough to suit the people that provide the money.

Will the private sector (for-profit)? Possibly, but there has to be a reason to do it. One that suits the people that provide the money.

Watch this space. (Pun intended.)

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