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Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 736

The only news reporting that is 100% objective and without bias is the raw info about sports or stocks: box scores and stock listings. (Though I don't know when was the last time a newspaper actually printed stock prices.) It is about verifiable facts, not opinions. No "Sources close to the first base coach state that ...". No "It is believed that McDuck's repurchase of outstanding shares ..."

The facts to be reported are selected before the events occur. Hits, runs, errors, etc. Stocks, prices, volumes.

It's because they're filling in a template, essentially.

For a lot of news, there is no template.

But for a lot of news, there could be.

An example. Murder: victim's name, approximate address, occupation, demographic info. List of suspects, if any. Each suspect's name, approximate address, occupation, demographic info. If no list, the explanation given by the police for the absence.

Comment Hmmm. I wonder (Score 1) 69

I wonder a bunch of things. It looks like the internal representation of language the GNMT uses (if there is one) could come in handy, if we could just figure out how to use it without understanding it.

A 2D Fourier transform of anything non-trivial is incomprehensible, but they can be used to reconstruct the original, as-is or with some tweaking. Tweaking of the FT, tweaking of the reconstructing process.

Perhaps something somewhat analogous could be done with these internal language representations. What, I surely don't know.

Maybe humans can reverse-engineer it by treating it as a cryptography problem. Like with known plaintext, and the ability to create new plaintext-cyphertext pairs as needed.

What's the difference in that internal representation between "Spike is a cat" and "Spike is a dog", and how does that differ from the difference between "Mike is a cat" and "Mike is a dog"? Throw in "Fluffy is a wolverine" and "Fluffy is a cat", and see if you can now synthesize "Spike is a wolverine".

Other ideas, anyone?

Comment Planting trees, etc (Score 1) 201

Planting trees would help. So would sequestering paper in landfills rather than recycling it. And it's easier to not recycle than it is to recycle, so this seems an underappreciated approach. (Too bad recycling is more of a religious act in so many minds, rather than an ethical or pragmatic one.)

Sprinkling iron oxide and/or other nutrients in the ocean to encourage photosynthesis is another promising approach that has spawned "religious" objections.

Whatever happened to OTEC? The "waste" cold seawater was claimed to be chock-full of nutrients. Generate electricity while making nutrients more accessible sounds like a win-win. And it's of a (more) natural origin, which could reduce the "religious" objections. Or so an optimist might think.

Maybe that would be more nutrition than the local ecosystem could handle. In that case, don't dump it in the ocean directly. Use it to grow algae (or algae and what, indirectly, eats algae) first, then harvest the fish or crabs or lobsters or whatever, then dump the nutrient-depleted seawater in the ocean.

Sounds expensive to set up, with no certainty of payoff. I may have just answered my own question. Or so a pessimist might think.

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