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Comment Names, I want names (Score 1) 258

Specifically, I want names at the St. Louis County Library. A lot of important books get weeded out to make sure there is room for a buzillion copies of the latest Lee Child novel and Star Wars/Trek movie, and such.

If I had a name or two at the StLCoLib, I could given them recommendations for "keepers".

Yeah, I like Lee Child novels and popular movies, and check them out. But having one less copy of "Night School" and one more copy of a book like one of Heinlein's "juveniles" (especially if there are zero now) is a pretty damn good trade-off, IMO. Better to still have a copy of David Friedman's "The Machinery of Freedom" and one fewer copies of that Karl Marx biography (in the "Juveniles" collection, no less!), because Friedman's ideas are on the way in, and Marx's are on the way out. Neither is moving fast enough, IMO.

And of course, Get off my lawn!

Comment Expectation management - Let me help (Score 1) 534

The Trump fans and the Trump haters will, once he's been in office office a while, be all disappointed and relieved to learn he wasn't all they had hoped and feared he was going to be, respectively.

Or maybe they'll both be disappointed. Seems like some of them really enjoy being afraid of The Next Hitler (sm).

Comment Why wait? Also: bumper-to-bumper recovery (Score 1) 134

Nothing to keep hobbyists from creating Arduino gadgets that do such a thing.

First the range-sensing features, mounted in the front and rear license plate frames and connected to the gadget. Connect it into the car's diagnostic port to get speed and perhaps other information.

Even without interacting with other cars' gadgets, it could still announce useful things, like "Yikes! That car's slowing down fast!" or "You're tailgating more than usual." or "You've been averaging 27 MPH in stop-and-go. You might want to back off a little and just drive 27 for a while."

After more cars in a vicinity have it, adding car-to-car features starts to make sense.

Get enough of them, and reporting of bumper-to-bumper conditions becomes (at least sometimes) available.

I'd love to know about a slowdown (or a speed-up) that was over the next hill or around the bend, and adjust my speed and following distance to save on braking and accelerating before it became obvious it was a good idea -- 30 seconds ago.

With adequate shared data and appropriate algorithms, maybe we could avoid those damn standing-wave blockages that persist long after the original cause has been removed. It might help even if the gadgets were not on all cars.

Comment Actually, thw word you're looking for (Score 1) 715

Actually, the word you're looking for is "leak", not "hack".

"Leak". As in, a dirty secret is revealed to the world.

They (whoever "they" are) obtained information without permission and revealed it to voters.

If that's an effective way of potentially changing the outcome of an election, what's the problem?

I mean, doesn't acquiring more information turn a "low information voter" into a "high information voter", and isn't that supposed to be a good thing?

Sure, when it's embarrassing information for about candidate, golly, what a bummer for that candidate, and those who are relying on that candidate getting elected.

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