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Comment Try making your own PoE Splitter (Score 1) 81

Try making your own PoE Splitter. 1. Send pins 4,5,7 and 8 to a PoE USB Splitter of your choice for USB power and then send pins 1, 2, 3 & 6 for 100BASE-TX Ethernet. 2. PXE Boot will still work. 3. USB power can be cycled in software. You'll need: 1x RJ45 Cat5 Network Lan Cable Crimpers 1x RJ45 Female Connector 2x RJ45 Male Connectors 5 or 6 feet of CAT5 or 6 LAN cable or as little as 12" for smaller splitters.

Comment Housing crisis ignored (Score 1) 940

There is an affordable housing crisis in the US that has been easily ignored since 2009. Only those with real money can afford to buy any home today. I just want a home but flippers buyout with cash what I can only afford on credit. Then flip the home nearly doubling the cost. I know -now- that renting is what I will do until death. Enjoy your home.

Comment Slashdot community bites down hard on free speech (Score 1) 180

Sites gets banned for legitimate reasons all the time Thousands of other legitimate business sites go through this all the time. This site cries like baby and throws poo at internet community to get attention drawn to its "cause" much less the real problem for the ban. Slashdot community bites down hard on free speech bullshit... entertains crap... lame.

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