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Comment surprise (Score 2) 181

If every big company outsources their production facilities to China, what do you expect to happen? Chinese manufacturers will sit on the know-how idly, without taking advantage of it? Of course they'll start manufacturing their own products after a while.

Smartphones, cars, air-conditioners, fridges, ships, armament, you name it. It's inevitable.

Comment only (Score 1) 150

"colleges will be able to dump all the 'smart' classroom tools and (...) will only need to support students' tablets"

Only? So that's how many OSs again? iOS, a bunch of android versions, linux flavour, firefoxOS, firefoxOS, chromeOS, sailfish, i've lost track. I'm sure their IT departments will be thrilled to ONLY support tablets.

Comment L2R (Score 1) 1651

I hit Ctl+F, typed "china" and went through the 17 pages of stupidity. Sigh. Do i really have to be the one to remind you asshats there are more people riding bicycles in East Asia without a helmet, nay, without even having considered something as laughable as a bike helmet, than there are clowns advocating its use or debating its usefulness in internet forums? Learn to ride.

Comment Re:french military victories (Score 1) 600

387 BC? Really, there was a "France" back then? News to me. Including skirmishes fought by Gauls in the list is like including Sioux fighting Navajo or whatever other tribe as "American" victories. Counting modern, post industrial revolution victories, dunno. Beating the Austro-Hungarian empire consistently? Dealing with Bavaria? Keeping off the Victorian Biritish Empire's tentacles off its territories? Napoleon? The list is certainly long enough without having to include the Gauls, the Roman, the Francs, Normandy, Burgundy or whoever else happened to occupy a part of what is considered modern France.

Comment no porn - just tentacle (Score 1) 417

There's a manga about this. In the future earth is overpopulated. Japanese scientists biongineer some organism that eats up garbage and they can use as a food source. Then it goes rogue, takes over the building and eats people. They bring in an american-developped biongineered waste-disposal-food-source-monster to eat it. Some people are in the building. I stopped reading after that.

Comment Re:Like it matters. (Score 1) 303

Given that the average bootleg CD has an approximate lifespan of six months i doubt Greeks rely on them to build a music collection. I know mine is of the expensive variety. In hindsight, i could have listened to the radio more and done something else with that money instead. Like go to more concerts. Now what was the average price of a concert ticket in Greece again?

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