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Comment Re:No. Vendor. Lockin. (Score 1) 259

Your big complaint is that it was once free-as-in-speech *and* free-as-in-beer. Tell me, how is software that you pay no money for and have access to all source code somehow not both definitions of free? Are you not still free to pick a distribution that uses sysvinit? upstart? openrc? Assuming you have the knowledge, ability, and time, couldn't you roll your own distro with all those features you want *and* pick which init system you wanted? Couldn't you get the source of systemd and rip out those things you don't like?

You nailed it.
The real problem in Linux land is not systemd it's all the losers who want others to do all the work and give them everything they want just the way they want it.
Look, the open source devs don't work for you. They're not your slaves.
Software is a team effort. In the open source world you can form your own team or DIY if the team isn't going the direction you want to go.
Don't complain about-- you're getting everything for free and you can even go your own way without starting from scratch any time you want.

Comment Re:The commercial reads like a dystopia. (Score 4, Interesting) 259

I was more concerned that the depicted dystopia was a hipster Idiocracy where the whole world is populated by cool kids driving around in antique VW vans with their cool friends and oh-so-nerdy-but-so-cute girls in artfully ripped jeans and converse that are just so interested in that cool video game that the hipster douche du jour is playing.

What is wrong with me? Why am I so bitter?

Comment Re:Different Target Market (Score 1) 259

It is a little depressing to see Nintendo release a console on a different cadence than the other two, and even two years later their hardware is less powerful.

If what you care about is power then why do you even care about PS4 or XBone at all?
Play on the PC if you want power.
Play on a console if you want convenience. This latest gadget from Nintendo seems to be quite convenient.

Comment Re:Syntax (Score 1) 252

go fmt replaces tabs with spaces does it not? Regardless, if go fmt is forcing everyone's code into a single style then that's fascist too, isn't it?

Why not just have a syntax and linter that doesn't require the formatting to be just-so in order to check for issues? Isn't it sloppy and fragile to require some weird syntax + formatting combo in order to reason about the source code?

Comment Re:Building wealth (Score 1) 491

My wife works for a small business that has eleven employees a small office several servers and some software with patents etc. In total that is way over $5m. Also, Rockoon is correct. Typical of a leftist to demand other's money and call them "greedy corporatists" etc. even while robbing them.

Comment Re:Is This a Joke? (Score 1) 270

You mean the woman who got punched after she smashed the windows of somebody's van with a hammer while they were in it?

[citation needed]

Y'all always talk about needles in the parks, but I've yet to see even a single one in three years of living here. I did once see one in a back alley, though.

Anecdotes are not useful. Here, I did a thirty-second google for you.

More than 3/4 of our homeless are from Seattle. 90% are from Washington State. []

Interesting. Thanks. It appears that hipsters don't even take their virtue signalling seriously enough to keep the homeless in their own capital city so that they can pretend to care about the less fortunate.

Sorry, it's against my lease. Doesn't mean I haven't bent the rules to let someone shower & crash on my couch for a night, but it's kinda cramped with me and my fiancee already.

Then don't be so quick to say that others should sacrifice. Perhaps others have their own problems, rent, leases, obligations to shoulder.

Comment Re:Brazil beat you by 10 years (Score 3, Insightful) 264

Britain took Hong Kong 1841-1997

Yes, and Hong Kong became a titan of industry, finance, and overall standard of living.
Why didn't the rest of China? Oh, that's right, because communism destroys and ruins everything it touches. Not to mention Mao and the millions he murdered and starved to death.
If I were Chinese I would do everything in my power to get to a "colonialist" hub so that they could "abuse" me to their colonialist heart's content. Far better than the patriotic zeal from Mao and co.

You kids need to learn more history....
Spend some time reading something besides twitter.

Seems like it's you who should pick up a history book and stop gulping down regurgitated propaganda from your leftist professor's mouths.

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