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Comment Re:Real results, but partly politicised. (Score 1) 235

Thanks for posting the link. I found this little gem to be interesting (emphasis added by me):

“In fact, there are literally hundreds of square kilometres of dead reef-flat on the Great Barrier Reef which was killed due to the slow sea-level fall of about a meter that has occurred over the last 5000 years,” he said. “My point is not that they have probably got this completely wrong but rather what are the quality assurance measures they take to try to ensure they are not telling a misleading story?”

I thought the sea level was rising thanks to AGW?

For number three, about avoiding the destruction of the reef... Are there some ways we can do that without costing insane amounts of money and/or resources?

Comment Re:If you don't like what they pay, don't drive (Score 1) 304

It's not a sustainable profession though; taxi drivers traditionally were career jobs for many in past decades.

"Slave owner" used to be a sustainable profession and now it's not.
"Cooper" used to be a sustainable profession and now most folks haven't even seen an actual wooden barrel.
And the same for "fletcher", "skinner", "tanner", "pyramid builder", "okra picker", "computer" (yes, by hand), "telegraph operator" etc.
Most of these are still being done, but in a different way. You can still get your okra picked-- but it's no longer a share cropper that does it. You can still buy arrows, but it's not a guy in a hut twiddling bird feathers and animal sinew that makes those arrows. Computing is no longer done by hand these days...

And all those people moved and found new jobs when things changed.
But one thing hasn't changed: anyone willing to work will always have a job.

Nobody ever guaranteed that you'd be able to retire at forty or get a month of paid vacation or that you'd always have something to do that you loved. You have to go get that for yourself just like everyone else has to. Why? Because everyone wants something different and wants to live in a different way-- only you can decide what job you'll love, what amount of wealth is sufficient for you, how much vacation you want.

Comment Re:well they are independent contractors. (Score 1) 304

Uber is already moving to driverless cars, and that was always the plan. Not only is that the plan, the long term prognosis for Taxi and Uber like drivers is dim. Eventually, driverless cars will be the norm and we'll see drivers go the way of the buggy whip.

Who was seriously expecting Uber or Lyft to be their life's career?

Comment Re:If you want to be a taxi driver (Score 1) 304

It really is true that the local government affects your life the most but gets the least attention.

All eyes are on Trump, every news station waits with baited breath for goose stepping storm troopers to start rounding up the poor little illegals, every safe space is filled with sobbing snowflakes who can't stand the thought of not getting their way, hippies are out in force destroying property trying to stop pipelines that they otherwise would never have known existed, the blogosphere is on fire about non-stories like pizzagate, certain ethnic groups are rioting and burning down private property on the false premise that they're being targeted for persecution by law enforcement...

Meanwhile your HOA dictates what you can and can't do with your property that you paid a metric shit ton of money for. Can't install solar panels without asking permission, no pool in your own backyard, no sheds larger than X by Y feet, all modifications to exterior decor must be approved by committee, better keep those shrubs trimmed and grass mowed citizen!

Oh, you own a bit of property and paid for it yourself? We'll just have to "tax" that and use your money to pay for other people's children's education. Don't you want to think of the children's education?

Sorry, can't let you build that business 'round here my boy. This zone is reserved for different kinds of business (i.e. the kind that paid us to let them build apartments or restaurants etc.).

Sure is a nice little piece of property you have there, citizen, it would be a shame if we had to imminent domain it and take it away from you for some reason...

I'm afraid you'll need city approval in order to operate your mutually beneficial and contractually agreed upon services here (uber and lyft). Yes, that's right, y'see the city owns a business that competes with yours... I'm sure you understand. Yes, you understand, don't you, that the city can't allow you to provide a better or alternative service...


Comment Re:Not worried (Score 1) 93

It's very telling of the American popular mindset that not a single mainstream movie out of Hollywood has ever shown a non-American space program accomplishing anything of any importance in their science fiction (or even their documentaries, for that matter)

Why should American movie companies give a crap about non-American space programs? You folks in the rest of the world sure do like to deride the US but then mooch off our tech and entertainment and then complain that it's not all about you... and then you call Americans arrogant and lazy and stupid.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

So yes, we should find out whether personalised medicine works and if so, how much more effective it is. Then, as a society, we should choose whether it is worthwhile or not. As it stands, this process happens all the time in medicine at the moment with all kinds of treatments being unavailable due to economic justification.

If nobody is buying a thing then isn't that the very definition of society not finding it to be worthwhile?

Comment Re:eating less (Score 1) 256

Nothing like holding your cure over your head for the right price, which of course will be dictated by millionaires demanding to become billionaires.

1. Assuming that such cures come to be then you wouldn't even have them without the folks that bring them about. How about being grateful instead? New tech isn't cheap when it's bleeding edge, but it gets cheaper over time as it become better understood and the kinks get worked out.
2. If you're so altruistic why don't you get crackin' on developing those cures and giving them to the rest of us for free? What's that? You don't want to change careers and spend your whole life developing stuff and get little or nothing in return? Well no shit?! Neither do they.
3. Look, buddy, nobody's twisting your arm. You don't have to buy the cure if you don't want to. You can just go live and die the "natural" way if you want-- and considering your entitled attitude it seems fair to me if they decide not to sell any to you at all.
4. At least fat people can just eat right and go to the gym and see some kind of results. As someone who has a lifelong illness I'd be damned glad to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a cure-- I'd sell my house or take out another mortgage or get a crazy loan or something, yes I would.

The only thing that "makes an awful lot of sense" here is understanding that medicine creates massive profits and isn't getting any cheaper for anyone, no matter who propagates bullshit to the masses to claim otherwise.

It might have something to do with government subsidized insurance and regulations... Especially considering that we have an awful lot of both and it somehow seems to correlate with price...

Comment Re:Real results, but partly politicised. (Score 1) 235

1. Your link to the rebuttal is behind a paywall.
2. Are you saying that a scientist was disciplined for rebutting another scientist?!
3. If the reef can't adapt then literally it deserves to die-- it's called evolution.

We need to stop watching Fern Gully and end this "pristine nature" worship. It's not productive, it solves no problems, it's really nothing but facile virtue signalling based on the false premise that pristine nature is valuable and that the earth is somehow damaged just by the presence of humans. We don't have to wantonly destroy everything we see (and we're not wantonly destroying the reef), but we can and should make use of the earth for our benefit. Any other course of action is either irrational or outright self-hatred, right?

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