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Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1428

Good to know.
The solution, of course, is to not carry out his orders if he does order such things.
But that's a bridge that should be crossed if we ever get to it.
In the mean-time I'm unconcerned.
Don't get me wrong, I dislike Trump and would rather have had someone else, but my guy got beat in the primaries.

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 2, Insightful) 1428

I think less of people like you because you watched an adult mock a disabled person in front of a crowd and still supported him.

I don't believe you.

I think less of you because you saw a man spouting clear racism and backed him.

1. [citation needed]
2. Islam isn't a race.
3. Illegal immigrants do not have a right to be in this country... by definition.

I think less of you because you listened to him advocate for war crimes, and still thought he should run this country.

If you mean that he would waterboard ISIS then I'm having a hard time feeling sorry for ISIS.

I think less of people like you because you watched him equate a woman’s worth to her appearance and got on board.

If your wife or girlfriend isn't fat and ugly then you may be a hypocrite.
If you think Hillary is better on this point-- considering that she enabled her husband's infamous behavior-- then you're a hypocrite.

It is your personal willingness to support racism, sexism, and cruelty.

1. [citation needed]
2. argumentum ad nauseam

You sided with a bully when it mattered and that is something I will never forget.

1. He's not.
2. Just because someone directly challenges you or your opinions or ideas doesn't make them a bully. The internet isn't a safe space.

So, no people like you and I won’t be “coming together” to move forward or whatever. Trump disgusts me, but it is the fact that he doesn’t disgust people like you that will stick with me long after this election.

Virtue signal received; we're reading you loud and clear.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 1) 205


For example, maybe the hospital saves my life and then, when they find out who I am they bill me.
Maybe the hospital saves my life, then, when they find out that I have no money, they put a lien on my assets or they can garnish my wages until the debt is repaid.
There are other possibilities here besides forcing me to buy insurance against my will.

And before you straw man me, I'll point out that my argument isn't that I think insurance is always bad and never wise. I'm simply insisting on consent.

Sex without consent is rape.
Taking another's possessions (i.e. money) without consent is theft.
Threatening violence (i.e. a police "visit") in order to make someone to give you something is extortion (a special case of theft).

Having the government do these things on your behalf doesn't make it right.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 1) 205

the insanity that terrorism creates among politicians and the general populace is completely out of proportion to the threat that it actually represents.

Don't you worry about that, citizen. You just keep on voting big brother into office so he can keep you safe.

Comment Re:Thanks, Obama! (Score 1) 205

I agree with you 100%.

And, if I may, I'd like to add tyrannical (especially communist or socialist) regimes to your list of massive killers.

And I hope we all remember the remedy for tyranny and the relative risk of a mass shooting vs. industrialized murder by regime next time a mass shooting occurs and everyone shouts for more gun control (pure virtue signalling).

Some math to back up my reasoning:
Cho killed 33.
Hitler killed 12 million in his death camps (6 million jews + about 6 million others).
At that rate we could have a Cho every day for almost a thousand years (12,000,000 / 33 = 363,636 people / 365 days = 996 yrs of Cho) before matching Hitler.
And that's just Hitler. We're not even talking about Stalin, Mao, North Korea, the Khmer Rouge, anywhere in Africa, and ISIS.
But to go further, even if you implement gun control it's still not effective. Mexico bans civilians from owning guns... and the cartels are murdering people by the hundreds. Or just look at the murder rates in Chicago or New York City where gun laws are strict yet murder rates are high.

The point is, as the parent post says, preservation of our freedom and our rights is vastly more important than some ineffectual feel-good measures the government might take.

Let's have some sanity and perspective about the proper role of our government:
1. To preserve our liberty as a country so others don't invade and take over.
2. To preserve our liberty as individuals so we can live our own lives as long as we don't harm others.

All those who want the government to make me live a certain way or do a thing or not do a thing just to suit them are the enemy. The entire rest of the world is full of busybodies and holier-than-thou jerks trying to control other people. If you're one of those control freaks then get out of my country. Go be a tyrant somewhere else.

I want freedom back in this country and I also want personal responsibility restored as a general principle. They go together very well. And when separated tyranny results.

And I don't need big brother spying on everything I do.

Comment Re:Greenpeace? Who cares? (Score 1) 84

Greenpeace do a lot of good work.

Such as? No, I can't google it myself because I'm asking for your opinion on what their good work is. I can't google for your opinion.

Their policy papers on renewable energy are quite influential with governments, at least in Europe.

1. The fact that some governments listen to what Greenpeace has to say doesn't prove anything to me one way or the other.
2. Can you provide some links to these policy papers you mentioned?

There is a lot of good science and research that goes into them.

Please provide links to these policy papers you mentioned so that I can evaluate for myself whether there's a lot of good science and research in them.

That's partly why people try to smear them so much.

Can you please provide links so that I can evaluate them for myself?

That and the strange myth that environmentalism is trying to make Americans poor.

1. Greenpeace != environmentalism.
2. I'm not convinced that it's a myth with absolutely no merit to it.
3. It does make sense to me that people would be upset that their taxes are being increased to pay for projects that they disagree with.
4. It makes sense to me that spending money on environmental projects that won't actually prevent global warming would anger people who would rather spend that money on something that they consider more vital.
5. It makes sense to me that someone who relies upon, say, a coal mine for his living would be upset if that coal mine was shutdown for no other reason than some hippies from California complaining about it loudly (that's the way the coal miner sees it).

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