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Comment HAHAHAHHAHA! Nope. (Score 1) 47

I have never experienced such an increase in intrusion threats that have coincided with denial that there is any problem at all.

Its so bad, I am starting to become one of those tin-foil hat IT guys who is starting to believe that management has been blackmailed by the "hackers" (not yet but that is the road I am on). I also, more seriously, believe that the increase in "Cybersecurity" firms and "Ethical Hackers" correlates to the increase in incidents. The old "Gotta hire a criminal to prevent a crime" is really turning out to be a bad idea.

The key to security is competent system administrators, but all the older ones are getting canned in favor of younger DevOps who went to "code camp" one summer and used AWS to host an app no one bought.

Comment Re:Vacant lot analogy (Score 4, Interesting) 119

I think you are correct.

Also it seems a lot of other websites focusing on online courses used the coursera APIs, , including .

So it is more than just playing in the vacant lot, I think some sites were making some cash from their online courses via the API and now their business model is getting flushed.

Comment Re:Blast From The Past (Score 2) 109

Seeing how people are attached to their old passwords I bet there is some value to these accounts.

Considering I just finished up a gig where I worked with Novell Netware 3.1 I firmly believe that people will still use everything that the rest of us think is long gone.

Pardon me, someone is trying to reach me on VMS PHONE so I have to hurry.

Comment Re:Short selling (Score 2) 111

I did something similar.

When I would "short" a company I would write it down, and then the price it was and what I would short it at.

I made a ton of fake money. So then I tried real time and picked a short with a call day and if I invested $100k Fake Money in the shorts and on call day I would see how much I made or how much I owed. In the first exercise with no time limit but just selling myt shorts when it hit the target I think I made something like $220k of Fake Money. When I did a more realistic experiment with a call day I owed $42k on my fake margin calls.

In other words, Short selling is difficult, even if you know something is over-valued.

That is why i think these guys are doing classic "Pump and Dump". Giving analysis like I would be able to give on certain stocks and saying they are crap...One hits and makes news and people look at the site and see they advised BUY on a stock or two and it drives up the price and they sell. That is what we are seeing here. I do not believe these guys are Anonymous.

DMD is already going up in price (their only BUY)

Also, as I wrote above, this group is most likely tied with HYIPs in the past and two Malaysian Web Hosting companies, who would be familair with Demand Media's offerings. So this and this story is, in my opinion, a ruse to disguise Pump and Dump.

Comment I think you are correct. (Score 1) 111

They might have used insider knowledge or just some good guessing on their analysis (their Western Union one makes sense to me). But, my best guess based on quick research into online companies is that I traced the probable owners of this site to a Malaysian company called "Virtus Offshore Investment Company". They ran some HYIPs a few years ago.

It also seems to be tied to Webhosting companies and Advanced Hosting Technology both of Malaysia.

I got a Venn diagram of this that looks like a damn spirograph doodle, but this is it in a nutshell.

Remember, I am some guy on the internet. Don't get the torches and pitchforks out or anything.

Submission + - French internet provider denounces client 1531 times, wrongly ( 1

augustm writes: The French internet company Numericable denounced one of its clients 1531 times. When the company's software was unable to find a trace after a complaint it always, incorrectly, gave the name of a single wrong client, rather than reporting an error. Numericable thus denounced a single client over 1000 times to the police over a two year period, who indicted him 7 times — including for child pornography offenses. His computers were seized on multiple occasions.

Numericable argued that they were not responsible for any errors in their tracing.

Text in French, but understandable from google translate.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How do you handle "stinky" co-workers? 1

schwaahed writes: My friends and I read the ON-CALL article this week in The Register:

We exchanged our own horror stories about people at work who smell and
what to do about them. Talk with them yourself? e-mail them? Have HR
make them watch a video? Post comments in a tech site online and hope
they read it?

I'd like hear what Slashdot readers suggest.

Comment I've tracked down "internet stalkers" before (Score 1) 382

I have given paypal donations to "anonymous proxy" admins (FDC servers) for logs, I have gotten account information from ISP helpdesks and I have helped police file subpoenas to legal departments located in-the-middle-of-nowhere USA. Once, I even traveled to Romania to chat with a hacking crew about the damage that they did and asked them personally to help me repair it (Romanians are really helpful and friendly and it was my pleasure to meet them).

So I read the headline and said to myself "poor girl, ten years! that must mean she has had some very bad help in the past" So I dug a bit to get an idea about what might really be going on. I found the same stuff others here found but for some reason the one that really stood out was this

"Alt.Therapy is a new (dis)organization for artists, mutants, mentally ill radicals, freaks in trouble, and anyone who is looking for help who does not support the brainwashing industry of mainstream therapy.

At Alt.Therapy we define ourselves as post-sane. We do not want to conform to a central definition of reality. Yet sometimes people like us can get into difficult situations. We need people to talk to who think like we do who have been through similar experiences.

I'm not a licensed therapist and don't offer a traditional cure to your problems but I offer an alternative form of therapy that will help you improve your life. Sessions range from 15 minutes to an hour and are based on your individual needs as a client.

We don't force you to talk about your family history and refuse to ask "how does that make you feel?" Instead we ask the question "what does that make you want to do?" Then we help you do it. You provide us with a description of your main problem and we provide you with a counseling session that will help you change it.

We also offer packages that include a list of bands with similar ideas, a customized playlist related to your life, an introduction to like-minded communities, a list of films that apply to your current situation, and a list of books to read that you will find mentally stimulating.

Package 1: - 15 minute session - $20
Package 2: - 30 minute session - $35
Package 3: - 60 minute session - $60

Add on: Lists of bands, films, like-minded communities, books written by people who think like you do, and a customized playlist related to your life - $20"

So a non-therapist charges $60 to $80 an hour for, what seems to be, non-therapy.

Seems like she is a petty con artist on many small levels and I am guessing this Slashdot article was part of it.

Comment My advice to avoid this (Score 3, Informative) 352

Before I was in charge of hiring for my team, my managers employed a guy who didn't know anything because they did not check his references for some reason. He would always call me while I was on vacation because a simple procedure that he should have known was confusing him. Later our company cell phones were switched from Verizon to AT&T and AT&T had no signal in the Aosta Valley in the Italian Alps.

That is where I would go on vacations.

So if you have AT&T, go to the lovely Aosta Valley but do not cross over into France or else your voicemail will be filled with messages.

Comment If you were interviewing with me (Score 1) 352

and your resume and references were up to date and you described that work situation to me; I would say to myself: "Hmmm...this guy can put up with a lot of work and a lot of demands. This is a sometimes stressful position but I bet it would be a paid vacation to him"

But of course you would not mention sloppy work in the interview, you would say "I was worried that my work might be suffering due to long hours so I decided to seek another position" (if the question was brought up).

Anyway, I cannot be unique in thinking this. What you have to do is start looking for another job, send out resumes left and right. Craft those resumes and cover letters to target the position you want, have many resumes that are worded differently and have many cover letters so after a while you just make a few modifications and send them out.

You have to do this so that another group can take advantage of your awesome work ethic (who will treat you better) and so you can keep your sanity, and ...most importantly so your work doesn't suffer so much that you lose your reputation. If you work hard, too hard and you crack, you will be amazed at how fast the people who were prodding you on with dangerous work hours will turn against you.

Its like those horror movies of the 80's. A spirit voice said "Get Out!" and walls bleed, children get sucked into television static and yet the family decides to "tough it out". In the end there is a hole in the ground, a murderous man running around in a fedora, arterial spray and glowing eyes that promise a sequel. What they don't show is the family saying "hmmmm....we should have got out when it asked us to leave".


Submission + - Beating censorship by routing around DNS (

jfruhlinger writes: Last month, the US gov't shut down a number of sites it claimed were infringing copyright. They did it by ordering VeriSign to change the sites' authoritative domain name servers. This revealed that DNS is subject to government interference — and now a number of projects have emerged to bypass DNS entirely.

Submission + - Wikileaks needed: World more corrupt since 2008 (

An anonymous reader writes: The world is considered a more corrupt place now, than it was three years ago, a recent Transparency International poll suggests. BBC News reports that some 56% of people interviewed said their country had become more corrupt. In Africa, 67%of bribes were to avoid trouble with the authorities, in the Arab world and Latin America you pay to speed things up and in Asia-Pacific 35% of people bribed to get a service they were entitled to. In North America and the EU, most bribe payers say they could not remember why they had paid... If one considers this data applies to ordinary citizens, one can only wonder how absolutely corrupt those possessing absolute power must be! That's why we need Wikileaks to soldier on and oust wrongdoing worldwide!

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