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Comment Re:Unamerican! (Score 1) 489

While "unamerican" in its normal meaning probably would signify something negative, "unswedish" ("osvensk", as in something or someone being "osvenskt") is oddly enough quite often used in a positive way here in (you guessed it) Sweden.

Comment Re:fp (Score 1) 191

No, no, no. It should obviously be "Bong". And while they're at it, maybe change to logo to some form of star shaped leaf. I think that really would raise Microsofts credibility.

Comment Re:NSLU2 (Score 1) 697

I too would put in a word for the NSLU. The Sheevaplug is obviously superior if you can get hold of it, but the NSLU doesn't do a bad job at all. I have one running Debian Lenny on a 1TB drive with lighttpd, rtorrent, nfs etc. Works like a charm unless you have like a dozen torrents running.

Submission + - French Assembly rejects three strikes bill

An anonymous reader writes: The French Assembly has rejected the Three Strikes bill which would allow ISPs to cut off users found to have been downloading protected content after two warnings. The story, in French from Le Monde, is here: Use the fish to translate. Summary, the Sarcozy administration can go back with a new draft for approval by both chambers or try to get upper house approval of a softer version without the cutoff passed by the lower house.

Submission + - Quake3-based Engine Provides Radical Changes (

An anonymous reader writes: Phoronix is running a news story about the XreaL project where its lead developer claims to be the most advanced open-source game engine. XreaL is based upon the vintage Quake 3 engine, but it has been rewritten over the course of many months in that it no longer resembles the original id Software engine. The XreaL engine has its renderer written entirely in GLSL with compliancy towards the OpenGL ES 2.0 specification, but it supports the new OpenGL 3.0/3.1 specification and is able to take advantage of its new features. XreaL has also added an HDR pipeline to its engine and on modern hardware is actually GPU — not CPU — bottlenecked. XreaL can also load game content from Unreal Tournament 3. This engine, which is described to be as powerful as what can be found in Doom 3 or Call of Duty 4, is written entirely with free software. The XreaL project has created plug-ins for Maya to bolden their game development capabilities.

Submission + - Turing winner Barbara Liskov on Google, AI & m

An anonymous reader writes: Interesting interview with the 2008 Turing Award winner Barbara Liskov discussing the work that won her the prize (data abstraction) and her current research preoccupations (distributed computing), along with thoughts on artificial intelligence, writing good code and being a female in a male-dominated industry.

From the interview: "With artificial intelligence techniques it may be [possible] to come up with a much better way of finding what you're looking for. That's something I think we can expect from artificial intelligence in the future. Unfortunately those very same techniques will allow very efficient data mining of the patterns of your use on the internet and so forth — so there's the good side and the bad side.

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