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Comment Re:The camera isn't the issue (Score 1) 316

> A professional photojournalist with an iPhone would produce better photojournalism than non-experts with a DSLR.

Nope. The iPhone simply isn't up to the task. It doesn't matter how much expertise you throw at it.

It's not just about picture quality, it's about knowing what will make a definitive or compelling image. For low resolution newspaper or web images, the difference between cameraphone and DSLR is more about the quality of the operator than the quality of the camera.

Comment Re:Criticism from a past MODx user (Score 1) 70

I too was an early MODx user, enthusiastic but clueless is the best I can say about the "community" at that time, while MODx developers embodied all that is bad about open source dogmatists, accepting mediocrity and only ever working on stuff they find interesting or cool but neglecting things like documentation, usability and quality and having no care for timescales. And its not even as though they developed it, they just forked etomite and fiddled around a bit. Like children, these amateurs (in the worst sense of the word) strut and pride themselves on their trivial achievements.

I gave up using MODx (before Revolution) because I needed to get things done and it wasn't ever going to improve on a reasonable timescale, unsurprised to hear that nothing has changed. Avoid.

Comment Re:Daddy what's a cassette? (Score 1) 250

This is simply not the case, I saw both at the time on many occasions and VHS had a markedly inferior picture to Betamax. VHS was, and remains, an inferior format in every practical sense.

But what did put the nail into the coffin of Betamax were Sony's licensing terms and the video rental industry. VHS was easier for other manufacturers to produce and although I can remember e.g. Virgin video rental off Oxford St (in London) stocking rental tapes in both formats this was obviously a major pain and the major rental companies wished to standardise, pushing others along with them. At some point in the 80's there was a major selloff of pre-recorded Betamax tapes, great for those of use with Betamax machines as we could pick up boxes of them for next to nothing.

Comment Re:How many here have an iPhone 4? (Score 1) 282

I have one (in the UK) and can see this signal strength display issue though I personally have not had a dropped call.

My concern is the handset is about to be replaced and I will be stuck with an old lemon with poor resale value. Mainly for that reason I am inclined to return mine for a refund and wait for iPhone 4.1

Comment Remember the age in which he wrote this (Score 1) 548

When Dijkstra wrote that, kids did not have access to computers. Any child has the flexibility to learn the, ahem, basics from BASIC and move on after discarding it.

Adults, on the other hand, tend to stick with what they first picked up on. Look at how badly most (non-techy) people use modern GUI-based systems, sticking rigidly to the few things they have picked up over the years.

This thread has lots of people who learned to program BASIC as a kid and then moved on, they think their experience invalidates Dijkstra, it does not, it reinforces it. Dijkstra was spot on, except as a training language for children BASIC is harmful.

Comment Conspiracy? (Score 1) 156

"In the criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to break the law at some time in the future, and, in some cases, with at least one overt act in furtherance of that agreement."

So how come one person was charged, who was he meant to be conspiring with and why were they not charged as well?

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