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Comment This is what we've came to eh? (Score 1) 815

Hi, I'm almost a 40 year old internet cumgrudgeon. I've been on the net so long, I still type gopher:// and telnet by mistake sometimes, and I knew how to use finger in a way that didn't offend. I had high hopes for the internet when it came out. But this right here wants me to sever my wifi connection and read a physical book. Ya hear me? You guys are arguing weather or not water hydrates you. Really 500 + posts about this? The internet is letting me down. Sigh.

Comment After reading a few comments here. . . (Score 5, Insightful) 454

I've decided that linux users are in large a hard to please bunch :) . . .

Seriously though, we should be glad that the acrobat reader has been updated. This is one area that is still fairly essential for a corporate desktop. Corporate types wanna know silly things like why do I use something called xpdf and my colleagues at xyz company have the newest adobe. As a computer person, you can smile at this behavior - however, many of you realize discussions such as this is what continues to marginalize Linux from gaining marketshare.

Corporate entities should be thanked for releasing software to Linux. They DO NOT PROFIT from it at this point by and large. I'm sure someone can pull up a random example to the contrary. However, by and large there is little profit. Those companies that choose to support linux in whatever fashion probably do so at the behest of some visionary individuals within the corporate ranks that see fit to expend corporate resources on the project - again not because of profit - but because of future potential of one.

That's right, imho companies are placing small wagers on Linux - and we, the OSS community need to make these wagers pay off eventually by concentrating on increasing our numbers. When that happens - the wagers placed by companies will be larger and larger - and eventually we will get things we've always wanted for Linux.

Don't beat up or be overly critical of corporate efforts. Please remember if you've got a favorite OSS solution to a product that a corporate entity is trying to offer a solution for, then that is the best of both worlds - not an attack on yours.

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