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Comment Re:Dammit, Jim, I'm a programmer, not a designer. (Score 1) 251

Looking over the household repairs/replacements we've had to do the past couple years, I can't find anything a 3D printer would have made easier. Faucet aerator has its threads worn down? A new aerator is dirt cheap. Leaking at the base of the faucet? Spend a couple minutes with a wrench. Thermostat's temperature sensor is dying? Not going to be printing one of those. Wallpaper peels off? That's a job for a rather specialized 2D printer, or in our case, a can of paint.

Comment Re:News flash (Score 2) 470

I have never seen a compiler that does that, and I seriously doubt if is really common.

I'm a bit depressed to find a /.er who's never seen GCC :-P
I once wrote an overflow check wrong -- I tried to write an `if' that would check whether the preceding operation on signed integers had overflowed. Overflow on signed integers is undefined behavior, so once it happens, it is legal for the program to do anything. "Anything" includes updating the variable with the overflowed value and then skipping the condition check, which is what GCC's output code did.

Comment Re:Technology is hard and dangerous (Score 1) 610

The jury heard the testimony from all the witnesses. They saw and heard all the evidence. THEN they wanted to punish Toyota. Yes? So what's wrong with that?

The jury's function is not to mete out punishment. It is to determine whether the defendant committed the wrongdoing they are accused of. When a juror expresses desire to punish, it makes me wonder whether the verdict was motivated by epistemologically sound consideration or by that desire.

Comment Re:packet radio? (Score 1) 371

Maybe the problem then is that the business radio systems are (it would seem from the above) much more expensive than ham gear?

I haven't looked into pricing of business band radios, but it is fairly common for hams to get business radios and modify them for use on amateur bands. I suspect the difference would come out in licensing.

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