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Submission + - Slashdot joins SOPA protest in last minute decisio ( 2

eparker05 writes: The well known tech news aggregator Slashdot made a late Tuesday decision to join the SOPA/PIPA blackout protest. Readers of the site overwhelmingly support the decision and see it as a necessary step to prevent pervasive censorship. Slashdot is known for it's continued support of anonymous posting by users and has come out strongly in opposition of internet censorship in the past. Still, this is the first time that Slashdot has closed it's doors in protest of a piece of legislation.

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Submission + - Imaging the Molecular Orbitals of Pentacene (

eparker05 writes: Researchers at University of Liverpool have used a scanning tunneling microscope to image the aromatic molecule pentacene. Not unexpectedly, the resulting images showed an astonishingly close correlation to the theoretically predicted molecular orbitals. This incredible set of images reminds me of the group that imaged a single carbon atom in 2009.

Submission + - Department of Innovation Logo Fail (

eparker05 writes: The Smithsonian Institute has launched a new blog called “Department of Innovation”. As they describe it; "The Department of Innovation is about people and ideas that likely will shape the way we will live one day." Astute readers quickly noticed that the gears in the original logo were arranged such that they were locked in place. The blog reacted with an updated logo after becoming the laughing stock of conservative bloggers and engineers alike.

Submission + - Google's Cr-48 making Santa look bad

eparker05 writes: When people heard that the Cr-48 was going to be given to beta testers, many signed up, but the expectation of receiving one was low. Now in various Google and IT centric web sites across the internet, hundreds of people are reporting getting one of these on their doorstep. Most intriguing of all, the recipients are never notified that they were selected for the beta. Luckily for you, somebody at developed a hack for the UPS tracking system that can predict deliverys of the Cr-48 to your area.

Submission + - Is getting a Ph.D worth my time? 11

eparker05 writes: I am a chemistry student with excellent grades and lots of experience in undergraduate research including a soon to be published paper, and multiple poster presentations/conferences. I will have no trouble getting into a Ph.D program with a specialty in analytical chemistry or biochemistry (I haven't made my final decision). I have been told by my adviser and many of those close to me that I should continue my education. Still, I worry that a Ph.D could be a poorer choice today than it would have been twenty years ago. Between the top-heavy economy with too many highly trained applicants for every job and the time constrains that a graduate education would put on my already delayed plans to settle down with my fiancée, I can see disadvantages of getting a Ph.D. I wanted to know what those on Slashdot thought about my prospects: should I go out and get a job with my bachelors degree or should I continue on to graduate school?

Submission + - Android selling well, does Verizon want iPhone?

eparker05 writes: Given that the sales of Android based phones have recently surpassed iPhone sales, perhaps talk of Verizon taking on the iPhone is premature. Sure it has been noted that Verizon is in a better position now to negotiate than it was a year ago and that Verizon customers want the iPhone. Maybe Verizon doesn't want the iPhone. If the iPhone is on the two largest networks, Apple will have a much easier time stamping out the competition putting it in a powerful position over every carrier. Android OS, on the other hand, has already been proven to work outside the confines of Google and it is supported by a myriad of hardware manufactures.

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