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Comment Touch-friendly comment controls (Score 1) 410

How about a control for choosing the comment thresholds for a story that works well with touch interfaces? The slider that is there now requires to click and drag, which is not possible without a mouse. I am sure a lot of people read slashdot on their tablets and phones and would appreciate that.


Google To Drop Support For H.264 In Chrome 765

Steve writes "Google just made a bold move in the HTML5 video tag battle: even though H.264 is widely used and WebM is not, the search giant has announced it will drop support for the former in Chrome. The company has not done so yet, but it has promised it will in the next couple of months. Google wants to give content publishers and developers using the HTML5 video tag an opportunity to make any necessary changes to their websites."

Comment Re:And nothing of value was lost (Score 1) 279

I actually like the lack of free food now: it motivates me to buy food before departure and I usually end up with something better than the typical airline food.

That said, I feel that it's not a free market but a rip-off when there is no price competition for these services. When you compare the tickets, none of the sites show you the price of the meal next to the price of the ticket.

Comment Re:Educational Problems (Score 1) 629

Unions are leeches sucking the lifeblood out of this nation. Before the invention of labor laws, they were a necessary evil. Now they are an unnecessary evil often run by the mafia or other organized criminal organizations (yes, even today) and they exist to secure special rights for some individuals when what is truly needed is labor laws which cover all employees.

There needs to be a distinction between unions in the private sector for workers without very specialized skills - necessary to prevent imbalance of power in negotiations - and the public sector unions. The latter ones are a problem since the employers (governments, school districts, etc.) do not have much incentive to extract the best possible deal from the union.

Add to that campaign contributions and huge cost of a strike - since public sector employees provide many essential services - and you get a huge imbalance of power that is just as bad as exploitation of workers by the management.

Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook introduces "usernames" (

Duggeek writes: "Tuesday afternoon, I logged myself on Facebook and this appeared at the top of the page:

Starting on Friday, June 12th, at 10:01pm, you'll be able to choose a username for your Facebook account to easily direct friends, family, and coworkers to your profile.
Check out the Facebook Blog for more information or send yourself an email with the details.

Helpful links include a countdown timer for the event, an FAQ and a link to the corresponding Facebook Blog entry. No need to rush, though. A cutoff date was already in effect on May 31st, FB accounts created after that date will be waiting longer for approval.

The blog explains how (oddly enough) a ‘username’ acts as a URL keyword; taking visitors directly to your personal profile. Those on FB that double as “Page Administrators” may give pages unique ‘usernames’ as well for the benefit of outside visitors; the real beneficiaries of this new feature.

After searching their FAQ, it appears there is no information on whether the log-in process will change at all. Currently, it requires a registered e-mail address and password. Can it really be a ‘username’ if it has nothing to do with online credentials? Does “username” mean the same thing anymore? The blog post caught fire, snagging more than 25,000 comments from the Facebook community as of 1:31am EDT, or about ten hours after posting."


Instant Messaging For Introverts 311

adamengst tips an article up on TidBITS that explores the persistent reluctance of many nerds to embrace fully new communications media such as IM and Twitter. In this thoughtful article Joe Kissell explores, from the inside, the mind of the introvert and how this personality style often struggles with new "always-on" media. The result is a sometimes exasperated incomprehension on the part of the more extroverted. Well worth a read.

Google Shows Off Ad-Supported Cell Phone 290

taoman1 writes "Today Google showed off a ad-supported cellphone that the company plans to offer for free to interested parties. The product could reach the marketplace within a year, and will offer Google search, email, and a web browser. 'The move would echo another recent product launched by a phone industry outsider, Apple Inc.'s iPhone. But Google's product would draw its revenue from a sharply different source, relying on commercial advertising dollars instead of the sticker price of at least US$499 for an iPhone and $60 per month for the AT&T Inc. service plan. Negotiating the fairest way to split those advertising revenues with service providers could be a big hurdle for Google, one analyst said. Another problem is the potential that consumers could be scared off by the prospect of listening to advertisements before being able to make phone calls, said Jeff Kagan, a wireless and telecommunications industry analyst in Atlanta.'"

Change Google's Background Color To Save Energy? 519

i_like_spam writes "Recent commentary at Nature Climate Change describes an on-going debate about the energy savings associated with the background colors used by high-traffic websites such as Google and the NYTimes. A back of the envelope calculation has suggested energy savings of 750 Megawatt hours per year if Google switched their background from white to black. In response, a new version of Google called Blackle was created. However, other calculations by the Wall Street Journal suggest minimal energy savings."

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