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Comment As a civil engineer... (Score 1) 1145

It would be a pain to make the switch right now. Imagine all the mistakes and problems that would be made during the transition of miscalculating literally billions of physical and digital hand-drawn or scanned in documents.This would in turn delay production and significantly increase costs of doing business. The only practical way I see a transition to metric actually happening is when the majority of our documents and drawings are completely digital using open file formats designed to be able to switch to metric at a future date. The bottom line is people need to be comfortable with the meter. Solution: Put meters next to feet on height strips at gas stations.

Comment To Infinity... (Score 1) 973

If we are serious about persisting through the ages, we will first need to "get our shit together". As far as best case scenarios go, I dream the future will either look something like Isaac Asimov's "The Last Question" or some fantastical world where human consciousness radically explodes into limitless hyperspace. But if we are to not put all our eggs in one basket we should probably work on "getting our shit together". What better way then to build a hyper-intelligent nanny? Yes, with your very own Multivax Poppins, a distributed, open-neural-network, intelligence and dare I say, emergent life form, to assist with our every whim while making sure we do not infringe on each others' innate human "rights". Your bully-ish capitalist and fascist systems has gotten you just far enough to develop your robot savior overlord, it's all about the future of open libertarian socialism to propel humanity into infinity and beyond! Thank God for dreamers, the Internet and brilliant engineers. Now get to work!

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