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Journal Journal: should I get a mac?

Maybe I should get a Mac. I learned BASIC programming on an Apple back in 7th grade, then Pascal on the Apple II in high school. I love FreeBSD & Linux, but I would appreciate the higher quality UI that you get with a Mac.
On the other hand, do I really need to spend that kind of money? I don't know what I'd actually do with the Mac anyway. I guess it would take over from my Red Hat box as my personal email & surfing machine. And I suppose it might do the job better. I've never done any development on a Mac so it could be an interesting learning experience.
Something I'll have to think about I guess. And I suppose my wife might have an objection. She's always steering me away from the Mac store at the mall. Hmmm.

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Journal Journal: choice

This is my fetus defense post.
I support a woman's right to choose. To choose not to have sex. To choose to use birth control. To choose to take reponsibility for her actions.
The fetus is not just a thing, it is a living, growing human. It has a brain that functions, a heart that beats. It is its own person. No, it can't live outside the mother, but it depends on the mother to take care of it. Just as a newborn infant does.
An abortion is a cop-out. It is taking a life because you are scared or weak. It is just as if you killed your elderly grandmother who was living with you and depending on you for support, because you wanted to do something else with your time.
Take responsiblity, people. If you choose to have sex, you must accept the consequences.

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Journal Journal: How to end illegal immigration from Mexico

The story of Wal-marts getting raided for illegal immigrants, and a story [expired] in the N&O about illegals working in the triangle area has got me wondering what to do to curb illegal immigration.

One guy quoted in the story says that the money illegals earn in the US and send home is one of Mexico's largest sources of income.

Anyway, we can fix this problem by simply annexing Mexico. Mexicans are coming here in droves to find jobs, why don't we just make Mexico part of the US, and then they won't have to come here illegally. And, they can pay taxes on their earnings. And, they won't have to risk their lives to get here. So everybody wins.

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Journal Journal: tax relief for america's families

I recently got an $800 check from the federal government. Tax rebate (2 kids @ $400 each).
I did the right thing with it, too. The american thing. The thing W wanted me to do. I spent it. The whole thing. In one shot. On a new digital camcorder. Made in Japan.

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Journal Journal: Rick Santorum vs. The Gays

Quoted in the NYPost:
From Barb91855: "When I read Sen. Santorum's comment that he "has trouble with homosexual acts," my first thought was, "Well, maybe he's doing them wrong."

I laughed my tail off when I read that.

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Journal Journal: illegals

Remember Jessica Santillan, the mexican immigrant girl who had the botched heart transplant? She had another transplant a week later but died anyway.

Anyway, she and her family snuck into the US several years ago. They actually paid somebody to smuggle them in. So they are illegals. This is fact.

So, she's in the news for a month or so earlier this year. Then she dies, and its all over the news about how her family wants to bury her back home in Mexico but they're scared they won't be allowed back in the country if they go to Mexico to bury her.

Well, now her father's been arrested for beating her mother. Her mother says that she didn't mean for him to be arrested, it was a "language barrier".

2 things:
1) How long do we let the illegals stay in this country? Do our immigration laws mean anything at all?

2) Why is it that this woman, Jessica's mother, has been in this country for years, and yet she can't speak English? What the hell is wrong with people that they move to a country and don't bother to learn the language?

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Journal Journal: Goodbye Saddam, Good Riddance

I probably could have written this entry three weeks ago. Goodbye to Saddam Hussein, dictator and bad person.

Looks like Castro is trying to be next - reports are that he's stepping up repression of dissenters in Cuba. Fortunately he's old and can't last too much longer. Wonder what exactly will happen when he dies? I think the US policy towards Cuba has really been, wait until Castro dies. I think we could own Cuba after that.

North Korea continues to ask for it. I guess they should be our next target after Iraq. If we are in the business of liberating oppressed peoples, then North Korea really ought to be on our list.

Here's a fishy haiku:

Stingrays have no bones
so they can swim very well.
Dinosaurs have bones.

That was composed by Ashley and I. Mostly Ashley. She's studying poetry in her class.

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Journal Journal: go go gadgetmobile

I guess the knee's better now. I went and played soccer last night without really knowing how it would do. But the knee didn't bother me. I scored two (2) goals. We won 7-5. Interesting game. It was 6-5 at halftime, so the second half didn't have quite so much scoring.

Gadgetmobile? I don't know, it says subject is required. Kym's car's check engine light has been lit the last couple of days so I have to get her gadgetmobile to the shop for a checkup.

Tonight we're supposed to go out with some of her friends from school. I suppose that will be interesting, since we're so old these days and far removed from the college scene.

I'm guessing the outdoor soccer games for tomorrow will be cancelled. I'll find out a little later today.

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Journal Journal: feb haiku

Oh February
How you chill me to my bones.
I wish for July.

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Journal Journal: Soap

Okay, the knee is getting better.

Soap. Here's the thing: When the bar of soap gets really small, its hard to use it anymore. If it breaks in half, then you're really in trouble.

Here's how I avoid the tiny piece of soap problem. When the soap starts getting small, I go ahead and open up a new bar. I get both the new and the old piece good and lathery, and then I stick them together. The next day, I try to keep them stuck together. Eventually, the old thin bar kind of melds into the new big bar. Problem solved.

Oh yeah, Simple Object Access Protocol. That's cool too. I've been working on some web services recently. The problem I've run into is that I don't know enough of the low-level SOAP stuff to make everything work the way I want it, not the way M$'s wizards want it to. So I've been trying to grok all that.

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Journal Journal: Knee Injury

Ouch, I hurt my knee in my soccer game last night. I was running towards the opponents goal and I stopped to drop back to the top of the box, and *ouch*, I strained the knee. I'm limping around this morning.
Anyway, we won the game 9-6. I got one goal and at least one assist.

Looks like rain may wash out the first games of the outdoor season this weekend. We'll see.

I ordered 2 new jerseys a couple of weeks ago. One came right away and the other was supposed to be coming direct from the manufacturer. I called Eurosport yesterday to find out what was taking it so long, and they called the manufacturer and found out that it wasn't going to ship until May! Nice! So I got them to send me a couple of alternate sizes overnight. I better get them today!

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Journal Journal: Just typing

Just typing, see.

Don't have anything to say, but I'm waiting on the debugger to hit a breakpoint, and it is taking its time.

I like my new house. It is smaller than my old one but I like it anyway.

I really love being back in Cary.

Still waiting on the debugger...

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