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Comment Re:It's all a lie! (Score 1) 954

Yes, next time there is a Tsunami warning, let's be objective and wait for the giant waves to be visible on the horizon before evacuating. I agree Scientific consensus can turn out to be wrong in the future; but what is important for us to realise are the possible implications if the Scientists turned out infact to be right. I do hope its not a Tsunami. I think the waves are already visible though; where I live the rains aren't nearly as heavy as they used to be - talking in time scales of decades, so that none of you pedants chide me about the difference between Weather and Climate. The spatial distribution is also messed up. I don't know the cause of all this; I will not pretend to.

Comment Re:It's all a lie! (Score 1) 954

Its amazing how Slashdot community went from ardently supporting man-made Global Warming to chiding anyone who thinks this could be still be true. Good luck, making up your mind. Science is concerned with the truth, we must however be concerned with our Survival, to avoid a possible Malthusian apocalypse. I might be paranoid, but the impending Peak Oil, along with possible Global Warming may cut off our life support systems. I think this Video does a fine job, of putting down the problem in as careful a way as possible.

Comment Re:This is so true (Score 1) 253

I think the only reason people use FORTRAN is because of the large number of (fast, well-tested, reliable) Numerical libraries available for it - all of course in Fortran 77. I find calling FORTRAN libraries from C, to be much less mind numbing - again thinking here of Fortran 77, not its modern evolute. Then again this also what MATLAB, Octave, Maxima, SciPy do; sometimes however endless layers of abstraction can be stifling. Things however are changing; FFTW is one fine example of this.

Comment Re:I'm mildly disappointed (Score 1) 108

Well, sure Terrorism might sound like a cliche to Americans, but before 26/11 in Mumbai, there was a similar - albeit on a smaller scale - at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore in 2008. There are bomb blasts every other week in India. If the Indian government had an inkling for war, the "terrorism" issue would do miracles by the way of propaganda.

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