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Submission + - Hiring awesome people is hard (

An anonymous reader writes: A Mozilla employee rants a little and gives some tips about how to present yourself to an interviewer at what could be the most awesome place to work. Fred at has interviewed a lot of people recently at Mozilla and gives some advice on what he is looking for during these interviews.

Submission + - How Hollywood Generally Gets Tech Wrong

adeelarshad82 writes: For tech fans, feature films and TV shows are replete with laughable, forehead-smacking misrepresentations and misunderstandings of technology that we use every day. Some of these mistakes are so common that they have become conventions that filmmakers likely think they must include so the audience will understand what's going on, for instance the cell phone dial tones. In truth, conventions similar to CSI's famous infinite image zoom only serve to reinforce the bizarro rules of an alternate on-screen tech universe that is similar to our own, but oddly different.

Submission + - Worker Rights Extend to Facebook ( 1

wjousts writes: From the NY Times:

In what labor officials and lawyers view as a ground-breaking case involving workers and social media, the National Labor Relations Board has accused a company of illegally firing an employee after she criticized her supervisor on her Facebook page.

American Medical Response of Connecticut had a policy that barred employees from depicting the company "in any way" on Facebook or other social media. The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that this policy runs afoul of the National Labor Relations Act which gives employees the right to form unions and prohibits employers from punishing workers for discussing working conditions.


Submission + - IT Struggles With Policy Violators & Disrespec ( 1

wiredmikey writes: According to a recent report from Cisco, more than two-thirds of workers surveyed believed their companies’ IT policies could be improved, and at least two of every five (41 percent) said they break them to meet their needs. Additionally, about one quarter of those responding indicate their IT team is not respected, with a significantly larger proportion of End Users in Japan indicating their organization’s IT team is not respected.

Of those employees who admit to breaking IT policies, two of every five (41 percent) say it’s because they need restricted programs and applications to get their job done – they’re simply trying to be more productive and efficient.

As employees strive to work in a more mobile fashion and utilize numerous devices, social media, and new forms of communication, a trend commonly referred to as “consumerization,” IT departments are struggling to Keep Employees Happy and Empowered while Managing Risk.

The report has some very interesting facts and trends on how technology in workplace is changing globally and how the line between personal lives and work has blurred...


Submission + - Inside Dell's latest modular data centre design (

littlekorea writes: Dell looks to have abandoned the container datacenter design it built for giants like Microsoft, unveiling its third generation of modular datacenter at an event in Adelaide, South Australia. The shipping container is gone, but this photo gallery reveals that the concept remains much the same. Built for large warehouse deployments, power, cooling and hot aisle server racks can be fully populated before being craned into place like lego blocks.

Submission + - Private Sector Cyber Ops ( 1

Javez writes: "Last week the Washington Post reported that the Cyber Command is seeking authority to launch cyber attacks in efforts to protect U.S. interests. This request is said to have drawn objections from administration lawyers concerned about the legality of offensive cyber operations. The right to bear cyber arms and the right to return fire in cyber space are both issues we have discussed recently on this blog. As you may recall back in April of this year, the Pentagon took a retaliatory tone when it asserted its right to return fire against cyber attacks aimed at the United States.

They say timing is everything so Last week, I received a tip about a private sector entity returning cyber fire. The tip came with a high degree of confidence and raised a number of concerns."

Read more:

Comment Re:you were getting more than 5M? (Score 0) 177

I've actually had really good luck with Time Warner. About 6 years ago we had about 2-3/? mbps for $50 month now I have 15/1 mbps for $35 month.

I've been able to keep my DHCP ip for over a year (last major power outage) and the service is almost flawless (except for that DNS outage last week!). My only major complaint is the lackluster upstream. You can't even pay them for more! I've inquired about biz class road runner and it's actually more expensive AND slower!

I was also dual homed with Verizon DSL for awhile but I found the service to be more of a PITA then anything. My PPoE session would randomly drop under high loads which made the service more or less worthless. I'm considering trying it again. It's really fun to setup QoS with two pipes to keep my browsing/gaming/voip low latency while still seeding the latest OpenBSD release on BT ;)

Once 3G came to our area (FINALLY) I picked up a Verizon Wireless USB card. If you do any amount of traveling it literally pays for itself not having to buy airport or hotel wifi (which is usually very terrible).

My only major complaints over the last year are the lack of 3G coverage in random areas and the wacky NAT or something that they use. You have a public looking IP but your not actually connectible from the outside world. This is defiantly going to be a problem if you want to host any services from your card. I've never had any bandwidth problems, I don't use the card for any heavy lifting.

I can't confirm the ~100ms pings people here report, I seriously wonder if these people are getting paid to post here! You can pull down about 100k/sec sustained (JUST DON'T MOVE) but your always going to have latency problems.

I have a little script to ping the three most important things in the world.

1) Google (200-400ms)

2) My East Coast WoW server (300-400ms OR MORE!)

3) My Home Machine for SSH access (200-300ms)

Honestly, you could NEVER play a FPS from a VZW USB dongle. I've used 2 different cards (I don't remember the models) World of Warcraft is barely playable (It sucks when your questing and disconnects only to reconnect and find yourself dead.) I've experienced this on high end laptops, two different cards and about a zillion different locations.

In conclusion,

Verizon Wireless USB Cards are great if you want to surf the web, connect to a VPN, or check your e-mail. DO NOT expect to be able to play games without wanting to punch your screen. I can't comment on any other carrier yet. (I'm going to attempt to tether my iphone soon, just don't tell AT&T!)

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