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Comment Impeach Malcolm Turnbull (Score 1) 262

If we in oz has gotten our nation-wide optic fiber NBN like the labor party had promised, our ping times would be much more better then the 250+ms we're getting to the US currently. Unfortunately, some people don't understand the internet, and voted for corrupt right-wing government who put in crusty old copper cable vdsl network. now we only get 100mbit/s link to our ISPs and our ping times to the US are no beter then they were!!!
Impeach Malcolm turnbull for this atrocious mess.

Comment rant: Samsung software is bad (Score 1) 38

I wish Samsung would stop polluting the delicate internet ecosystem with their bad software. It's bad in UI design, it's bad security-wise, and it's bad in intended purpose (wrest control from google). What's the bet this so-called "Bixby" (scoffs) has a frig-ton of security issues that siri and google assistant don't have? Samsung have demonstrated a lack of either skill or interest in writing secure software.
The best phone I ever owned was a google nexus (admiteddly samsung hardware), simply because google did the software. The camera was better than all the phones I've had since, and all of the software on the phone actually made sense. Samsung's notes, calendar etc. are just bloody awful.
Their system updates to their smart TVs turn the TV into a sluggish, unresponsive pile of crap.

PLEASE Samsung just stick to making hardware as your programmers tend to suck the balls.

Comment Re:Told ya so (Score 1) 310

"More education" isn't a magic bullet - most people doing menial jobs are doing them because they're not mensa material in the first place - in spite of the left's insistence that everyone's completely equal in every single way.
Even if they were able to turn more education into marketable skills, there's already a glut of skilled white collar workers in the west; I'm sure you've read plenty of articles about millenials being stuck working at mcdonald's paying off a 5 year college debt.
As for the coal miner's jobs, I do agree that those guys could've at least tried to get an electrician apprenticeship and get a job installing solar panels or something.

Comment Re:SSD as cache (Score 1) 63

While I agree in general, ECC server ram ain't ECC server ram.
Finding a motherboard /system that supports that amount of ram can end up more expensive than the ram itself. And then you'll find that the 'board doesn't like those sticks you got from newegg, because server hardware tends to be a lot more picky in that regard. After you've dropped 20 grand on the rest of the system and returned that $5,000 ram kit, you could find that the only 384gb kit you can get working on your system costs three times as much.

Comment Re:*AA impeachment of PM starts in 3, 2, 1... (Score 1) 30

Thanks to Turnbull (well, Abbott really), I have NBN far quicker than I would otherwise, and at lower cost to either me or the taxpayer or both, take your pick. Very few people actually want faster than FTTN can provide (set at 100mbits, although the existing tech can manage higher already).
Why do you insist on forcing a product onto others that they don't want? I don't want to pay for more than I'm getting, what I'd really like is a much higher download limit from a higher quality network. Oh and you know what would be really great? More bandwidth to the USA and other parts of the world. And, having a "mere" 50mbit connection now, I can tell you that verty few parts of the web are generous enough to give you that kind of bandwidth on the servers they're paying for. The last mile really is a small part of the whole picture. Added to that, VDSL technology keeps improving.
Why the fuck do you want me to wait another 5 years for some vaporware ferrari-class technology that doesn't actually solve anything?
Why the fuck do you believe that Kevin "Earwax" Rudd had any idea how he was going to deliver on his pure fibre NBN? You know he came up with the idea on the spot, in front of the cameras? How far did his government get in implementing it? Why do you imagine that you would've actually gotten your fibre connection in the next 5 years?
It's one thing to come up with an idea of what to spend taxpayer's money on. It's another thing entirely to manage an actual physical implementation of something as huge as the NBN. Labor didn't do jack shit, the Libs actually delivered NBN to me and five of my family members already, which is astounding given the size and population density of our country.
I wish they offered FTTP for everyone if they were willing to pay for it, so morons like you could pay for your 1gbps connection and enjoy your 100gb limit piss away in the first few hours of every month while you pay an extra $200/mo for the priviledge. Or maybe you're really prepared to pay hundreds a month for your internet to be over 100mbit's, in which case, that's nice for you but don't demand that the rest of the country pay for something that YOU want.

Comment Re:Just make a PS4 VM. (Score 1) 84

If we're being honest here, both the PS4 and XBox One are just a compact PCs with unimpressive specs.

A simple bit of reading on the wikipedia page for ps4 would tell you that it's not just a PC with unimpressive specs. The main difference (and the main reason it'll be very difficult for any PC to emulate at reasonable speed) is that the 8-core CPU & the GPU share 8gb of GDDR5 ram. The new 8core ryzens combined with faster pcie specs and ddr4 system ram might help PCs catch up but anything written for the PS4 will run like shit on a high-end gaming PC for (uneducated guess here) at least another 5 years.
I don't know the performance difference between ddr3/4 and gddr5, but not having to shuffle textures and other bits between ram and gpu memory is a huge advantage for games on its own.
People wonder why ports from consoles have so many issues on PCs, but with my limited experience with programming, I wouldn't be surprised if they had to rip the low end guts out of most of these games and re-engineer them just to get above single digit FPS on PC hardware.
I do know for certain that game performance is VERY sensitive (by orders of magnitude) to small changes in cache sizes, mem latency, bus width etc. You can watch youtube vids of Mike Acton & Scott Meyers explaining some of this.

Comment Re:Huh... (Score 1) 223

Yes. I'm a bit surprised I had to scroll down so far to find the word "scam" in the comments. Elon Musk is a genius but somehow his brain did a big smelly fart and he's still not owning up to it. There's plenty of videos on youtube and commentary on the web debunking the remote possibility that the proponents of this shit actually believe it will work. LIke so many pointless charities with the word "children" in their name, this is purely an exercise in soaking up funding in admin costs, giving these scam artists 10-20 years of cushy jobs with BMW x-5 company cars and french champagne for lunch.
Elon Musk really should do the right thing and call these guys out, and denounce this idea outright. Alternatively, hook these people up to lie detectors and ask them if they believe it'll ever work.

Comment Re:clang is a better target (Score 1) 159

I agree that clang++ is better at the moment, I prefer it over g++ myself.
However, as I understand it gcc has had a resurgence in effort and has caught up recently in some metrics (citation probably needed, whatever), and gcc could concievably overtake clang in the future.
Microsoft wouldn't be wise to target a compiler purely based on which was superior at this point in time, rather they should base it on the compiler project's expected momentum in the next 5-10 years.
Also note that they had already targeted clang for their android development bits of vs.

Comment Re:It's all about CONVENIENCE. (Score 1) 244

.. and if nobody ever pirated, we wouldn't know what we're missing. I think this parallels the FOSS vs proprietary/closed software ideal that Richard Stallman champions. RJS is a complete nut, but like people who pirate, and especially like people who facilitate piracy, without him we wouldn't even know what we're missing. You really do need someone operating outside the established system to do this as the incumbents will fight hard to put a stop to it. To give a real-world example, I very much doubt Netflix and the like would even exist if torrents hadn't existed; the film studios would have us buying DVDs for $35 for the next 50 years.

Oh and don't get me started about blu-rays. I bout a blu-ray player for my pc, only to find that I wasn't allowed to use it to watch blu ray movies unless I bought some $50 software that paid a license fee to Sony for the priviledge. It wasn't enough that the manufacturer of the drive AND the movie studios paid a license fee to Sony to use the tech. What a fucking joke.

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