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Comment Not very different from a VM (Score 2) 170

You could have already done this in a VM in Windows. The idea of actually running Linux applications in Windows without a VM seems nice, but actually, it integrates so poorly with normal Windows apps that you might as well be running a VM. Trying to access the same files from Windows and Ubuntu within the root file system leads to problems. You can only do that within the drives, such as /mnt/c. You cannot run Windows applications from the Linux command line or Linux applications from the Windows command line. If you want to run a desktop environment you've got two separate desktops, similar to a VM.

Comment Blocking connections probably increases attempts (Score 5, Insightful) 583

If you block connections, what would have normally been one successful connection can become many connection attempts. It's also possible that retries for the same thing would use different IP addresses. Someone needs to try an experiment like this without the blocking. A log of the data being transmitted would also be interesting. A lot of that is probably encrypted, but https monitoring via wildcard certificate MITM could capture some in decrypted form.

Comment Re:based on my initial emscripten-dosbox port from (Score 2) 198

I am dreamlayers

I first used this:
Only one important commit is there:

That code compiled but did not work. I made changes and got a DOS program to run. Then I decided to start with a git repository which has all the DOSBox history and re-do things in a cleaner way. These two em-dosbox-0.74 commits on Jan 5, 2014 are based on the cerial/dosbox commit mentioned earlier:
Compile error fixes f6e0953
Disable SDL CD and CD image support on Emscripten. 59e11b1
For example, take a look at how CD function bodies were commented out and replaced with "return false" in the cerial commit. I used a different method, removing most CD functions and using "#ifdef EMSCRIPTEN".

I can safely say I did most of the porting work overall, but Ismail deserves some credit. I am sorry about not saying anything in the commit messages. Don't forget to credit the DOSBox developers. The porting work is tiny compared to the overall effort invested in DOSBox.

Comment Re:Is this story for real? (Score 2, Informative) 487

The iPhone probably stores the time in UTC, like OS X. When daylight savings time ends, that only changes the offset from UTC that is used when displaying time. The alarm was either always stored as UTC or converted to UTC so real time clock hardware can generate an interrupt to wake the phone at the appropriate time.

Comment Re:Coverage map (Score 2, Informative) 89


That's just the coverage available on one particular website. (Other sites can have different data sources and different coverage.) Also, those rectangles just mean that there is some coverage within the rectangle. (Often, coverage is available around larger cities and a lot of the area is not covered.)

Furthermore, AIS is sometimes used for collision avoidance, so it is used for safety.

Comment Re:Were those disks verified? (Score 1) 317

Yes, verifying burns is a very good idea. However, I have encountered CD-Rs which verified okay and then went bad a few years later. One thing to consider is that verifying only shows that the data is readable. It does not show the quality of burn. So for example data might be readable, but only after a lot of error correction. In such a situation a small amount of degradation could make it unreadable. If the data is especially important, I do a PIE/PIF scan on DVDs to see the quality of the burn. I've never seen anything close to a 10% verification failure rate on CDs or DVDs. If you are getting that, something is wrong.

Comment Re:The death of (Score 4, Informative) 334

The official Scrobbler can fingerprint music. This feature analyzes the way the music sounds to help identify untagged and inaccurately tagged tracks. Presumably it only allows one to identify what music is in the file, not what file you have, so for example they shouldn't be able to tell the difference between an MP3 you ripped and encoded yourself and one that came from a release group.

Digital TV Coupon Program Under Way Again 147

An anonymous reader writes with this excerpt from CNet: "Federal regulators said Thursday they are going into 'search and rescue' mode to help the millions of consumers unprepared for the phased transition to digital television, which culminates with the June 12 transition deadline. The millions of consumers waiting for coupons for digital converter box coupons will finally receive them within the next two and a half weeks, thanks to emergency funding for the coupon program provided in the stimulus package, said Bernadette McGuire-Rivera, an administrator for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The NTIA is also ratcheting up its outreach to consumers most likely to be unprepared for the transition... FCC commissioners said their agency is also intensifying its outreach, but they acknowledged that while one third of television stations have already dropped their analog signals, the hardest part is yet to come." We previously discussed the DTV coupon program when it ran out of money in January. The $650 million from the stimulus packages adds to the $1.3 billion that's already been spent.

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