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Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 1239

We can start by cutting the military budget in half. No need to be the world's policeman anymore.

Actually the military budget of the USA already is a budget "cut in half": it equals to half all the money raised by the state! As for the lack of need to be "the world's policeman" (or the world's thieves / terrorists, foreign survivors may argue), I thought you were surrounding China with military bases to gently dissuade them from asking the money back, and securing energy sources by the us of force (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other African civil wars for uranium & metals) to help lower its costs or sell it overseas. If the one your pictured were to be the end scenario, why not avoiding in the first place the devastation you already caused? Oh no wait, Saddam was killed cause he "held weapons of mass destruction" (lie), Afghanistan was thrashed because they planned 9/11 (lie) and Gaddafi was prevented from further bombing civilian people (fresh lie). If you ask me (and I know you won't, since the truth is and will be painful) the best case scenario would be China claiming his credit by taking possession of the USA. I don't think their violation of human rights could be much worse of that of this degenerated America. You've started off by depriving your own continent of its natural resources (ask any American Indian). You're addicted to it. You need detox. As we Italians need it for corruption, though we've got quite a reward from karma in the form of the most ridiculous & dishonest head of state of the known universe (that was just to clarify we don't think to be better than anyone else out there). Good luck world.

Comment Re:Good. (not) (Score 1) 102

Why not have a voluntary blood test for everyone in the country, once a year. Use the blood to screen for every known disease. If done on a massive scale it could ...

... bankrupt any government. I just added the cost of all the blood exams of the first price list found on the net and reached over 5000$. Of course that's not even close to be comprehensive, plus I wonder how much blood you'd need. Good try. Next.

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