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Comment Re:Yes! (Score -1, Troll) 1774

Who the fuck is Bill Nye. He is a failed actor and media whore. Why should anyone give a flying fuck what he thinks about Global Warming, modern society or anything at all. What a huge important story to put on /. And cue the nerd whorship: The first poster thinks the guy is awesome. Call Nye's agent and book him for your next birthday party. Maybe he'll suck your dick for an extra $10. This is why I don't bother with this place anymore.

Comment Re:Both can be equally bad (Score 1) 403

Agreed. I've had lots of jobs and probably 25% were with woman bosses. All but one were absolutely horrible. The exception was one of the smartest department managers I've ever met anywhere and she moved up the food chain quickly. But because 75% of my bosses have been men I tend to forget that 75% of them were probably jerks as well as idiots. It is all subjective.

Comment The data is not to be trusted (Score 1) 877

Hansen is the lead author on almost all that data. None of his "science" can be trusted. Not only is he a fraud as a scientist but he is paid literally millions of dollars every year by cap and trade financial organizations, political PACs and a who's who of "green" groups. The sooner you true believers realize you are being fed propaganda to make a few people rich the sooner real science can be applied to the issue.

Comment Re:Isn't that anti-science? (Score 1) 1055

Email 3114

"3. We would like to point out here that CRU is doing a service to the climatological community around the world, by making these and many other gridded datasets and products available. We are continually being thanked by scientists around the world (both personally and through acknowledgements within published papers). All these scientists are happy to use these gridded products, rather than deal with the raw station data."

......I'm just sayin'....

Comment The Cold war; (Score 2) 451

it never ends. I lived in the EU last decade and remember listening to Russian English news after one of their subs sank. They were hysterical that a US sub that arrived in the area to help was actually only pretending to help to cover up the fact that it had secretly sunk the sub itself. There is a significant faction still in power that blames everything that goes wrong on sabotage by the West. They are not friendly.

Comment Re:it is harder to get high on (Score 1) 385

In the case specifically addressed in TFA, the fact that the patient was on both methadone and Oxy simultaneously is mind-boggling. Indeed. I am a medical doctor and see this occasionally in terminal patients; Used to prescribe combos like that myself for patients with bone ca. or similar if they were monitored. However, sending people home on methadone along with other opioids for chronic pain control is a very bad idea. Folks using methadone already often turn up in our ED dead after using pills they buy elsewhere; and these are "professionals". I don't really know anyone who does it (except on very very rare cases) and I spend a lot of time with medicaid patients. This is the sort of thing NHS does; shouldn't happen here.

Comment The science is settled... (Score 1) 515

"That’s because real science thrives on criticism, since it’s only through critiques that the potential errors of a particular method can be assessed — that’s why research is supposed to be published in peer-reviewed journals as well. Suing is the antithesis of that idea. ..." Unless you are talking about AGW; because then no criticism can be allowed. /snark off

Comment Re:Should result in a prison sentence (Score 1, Insightful) 504

If you read the article, near the top he is damned for receiving grants from "the Koch Foundation". That means the entire article is a leftist hit piece; and Leftists lie about everything. No need to read further. Look for an objective piece on the subject somewhere else before you form an opinion.

Comment Re:It's too late ... the work has been published . (Score 0) 638

Excuse me asshole, what are you implying? Because what I'm reading is an incredibly ignorant screed by someone who obviously knows nothing of terrorism , tea party activists or the real World. BTW, "tea-bagging" is what your boyfriend does with you; it is not the grass roots political group.

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