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Comment Re:Stiffness an issue? (Score 2) 208

I worked at an R&D firm that focused on natural fibre composites until about a year ago, and we had some projects with nanocellulose going on while I was around. Apparently it's pretty tiny stuff (maybe that explains the nano part, hmmm...) so barring a huge breakthrough it's not going to be threatenning kevlar fabric anytime soon since weaving it wouldnt be practical at this stage of the game. If it's used in composites, it'll be as a reinforcing fibre that gets mixed in with the matrix (some sort of polymer) which will give it a rigid shape.

The article explained the challenges fairly well. First, it's hydrophilic, so bonding it with a hydrophobic polymer won't work very well and you'll end up with poor fibre/matrix bonding which is currently the achillis heal of most natural fibre composites. Sure, there are surface treatments that can help this, but most of the current ones degrade the performance of the fibre while improving the fibre/matrix bond so that the strength increase isn't all that great (I'm talking about macroscopic natural fibres now. this may not be the same for nanocellulose but I expect that it's similar since the chemistry is similar).

Anyways, best of luck to all the people trying to make this work. I'm making plans for a transparent aluminum boat, but I'd love to use transparent wood if possible :)

Comment Re:none (Score 3, Funny) 423

"If customers, because of 20 years of practice want a start menu... why not just give it to them."

20 Years? 26 for me. I began with Windows 1.03 and I really don't like new crap. First thing I always do with a new version is to disable all the visual gimmicks, like aero, menu shadings etc and install the classic scheme. Lately I also had to install utilities to get a decent menu. Went to LibreOffice because of that damn Ribbon as well.

It's a fucking tool that I used for over a quarter century, I don't have the patience to get slowed down every couple of years because some young moron thinks some new gimmick is 'cool'.

aaaaaaaaand.... GET OFF MY LAWN!!!

Comment Re:Construction or landscaping (Score 2) 402

Finding a technical job in China without knowing Chinese isn't impossible. As a Canadian currently working as an engineer in China, I'd recommend looking for international companies as they will often hire people who speak English only. Searching on LinkedIn can be a good filter because, by and large, the only companies that recruit on there are companies that will accept non-Chinese speakers. That being said, I'd highly recommend you start learning Chinese (mandarin in your case since you're going to Beijing) right away. It goes without saying that most of the people you'll be working with are far more comfortable speaking Chinese, and as a foreigner living in their country it's only reasonable that you make as much of an effort to learn as possible. Most Chinese people are far kinder than North Americans when it comes to understanding you're difficulties in learning their language, but this shouldn't be an excuse to persist in ignorance. Show some respect and make every effort you can to learn the language.

Submission + - Smartphone NFC payments 'to outpace cash and card by 2020' (

Qedward writes: NFC smartphone payments will overtake cash and credit card transactions by 2020, according to almost two-thirds of technology insiders surveyed by the Pew Internet and American Life Project and Elon University's School of Communications.

The survey asked just over 1,000 technology experts and stakeholders to agree or disagree with a statement asserting that "swiping smartphones" would replace most cash and credit purchases.

Some 65% of respondents agreed that NFC (near-field communication) would be widespread by 2020. More than 10% of mobile phone owners have already made payments using their phones, according to ComScore data...

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