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Submission + - Are unlimited WiMAX/LTE mobile internet only plans extinct? (

engele writes: I recently accepted a new job that allows me to work from home, but unfortunately traditional network options are unavailable (ie no cable or DSL).

I know that Clearwire is no more, but are there any other LTE/WiMAX options that don't have data caps?

I need to be able to work all day on a Citrix connection and transfer a very limited number of files, send and receive email, etc.

I don't need phone service.

Any thoughts?

Comment Re:It's reverse psychology! (Score 1) 211

The biggest impact WP7 has had on my life is that all of the annoying ads have made me hope it dies a quick and painless death. I don't see what Nokia gets out of WP7 except that the former Microsoft guy gets to prove his loyalty to his ex bosses. I just ignore this stuff.

Submission + - Open Source h.323 or SIP MCU available for video?

engele writes: I need a way to hold meetings with higher resolution than a normal free hosted video conference (from a place like tokbox). Preferably I could get high quality video conferencing with audio, though I am not opposed to using a conference phone as well. I am open to spending some money, though not as much as a Lifesize, Polycom, or Tandberg conferencer. What tools are out there? We are a mac based shop and I am fine with Linux/BSD/etc., but would rather not deal with Windows products. Any suggestions?

Comment Re:The iPad is not that bad (Score 1) 780

Fair enough I suppose, but the reality is that you can break out of the walled garden if you ever feel like it, and it is fairly easy. I did and ended up going back (jailbreak and un-jailbreak). I still think that a MBP is the finest windows laptop money can buy if you are into the whole windows thing. Likewise, I don't hear people complain about the Kindle's lack of video or app support. The iPad is a device not dissimilar in purpose to the Kindle, it just does a lot more in a better way (opinion, I own both). If you buy into it as an overpowered media device rather than a limited computer you will be happier with it. It truly is far better than anything that claims to compete with it, and some things it doesn't try to compete with for some tasks (laptops).

Comment Re:overgeneralization (Score 1) 780

I'm really tired of the /. mentality on what an Apple product user is

I couldn't agree more. Add to that the belief that no one who really knows computers would ever buy one mentality and you really do have a bunch of third graders. The maturity level is astounding. I imagine that whatever cool factor anyone gets from a mac is offset by the people who continually tell them how stupid they are for having bought it.

Comment Re:"you found it unpleasant"??? (Score 2, Insightful) 780

Webkit on a mobile phone is what prompted me to buy my first smartphone, and I couldn't be happier that I did. Webkit is the rendering engine on the iphone. Almost every other smartphone has followed suit and is now using webkit. Tell me how this isn't innovation? Yes it is worth $700 and the data plan to go with it.

Comment Re:The iPad is not that bad (Score 1, Interesting) 780

Having both a netbook and an iPad I can say that I have not turned my netbook back on since I got the ipad (and my laptop has spent a substantial amount of time turned off). It is the most natural media device ever built, substantially smaller than my netbook, with a better display and better battery life. It does what it is built for better than anything else on the market.

Comment Bottom Line (Score 2, Insightful) 853

Regardless of what people think off the top of their heads. When you find a phone in a bar, store etc. you ask if the place has a "lost and found" and turn it in. It's likely the owner will come back for it. You don't take it home and play with it. Also selling it to a website is not particularly ethical, knowing that it is a prototype. On Gizmodo's side, they didn't know that the phone was not stolen and took the seller at his word, then went ahead and instead of calling Apple to return what didn't belong to the original guy, or them, they took it apart and reported on it. It's always fun to read about these 'leaks,' but in this case there were clearly some unethical things done. This hurts everyone except Gizmodo and the seller. It was selfish on both Gizmodo and the sellers part to put the report and pictures online. I did go look at the pictures though, and now I feel badly for supporting Gizmodo by checking it out and adding to the page count.

Comment Re:Reporters are basically bloggers then (Score 1) 131

This is what drove me out of Journalism classes. It was boring to write news, and even editorials without using adjectives. I do however have a great appreciation for those that actually do this work, it's just that no one does it well. When I see brief, informative articles that cite sources I always find it pretty refreshing. I agree that this is the way it needs to be done, but unfortunately it also drives away a lot of potential journalists. It seems that in the press this style is fading from popularity, which is too bad. Maybe an influx of journalists will fix the problem.

Submission + - Best strategy for failover and web redundancy

engele writes: What is the best strategy for keeping websites up if one connection fails? We have a block of static IPs that serve us well, but yesterday a datacenter in town had a power fault that brought down the entire facility and several ISPs lost connectivity. How can I get my public presence back online quickly? I had the main office failover to a backup DSL connection, but that doesn't do anything for our live websites.

Comment Good idea (Score 2, Interesting) 557

I've already put my order in for two if them. We need a test machine to deploy our upgrade to Snow Leopard Server (on an xserve), and this is the perfect candidate. I may also use them as hot swappable backup servers if they will boot the server images we have. In the past we have not done this due to expense. I had a PPC xserve die a few years ago due to a big surge at our data center and was able to recover using an old imac for a few weeks while we sorted out the mess. Transparent to our users except in performance, but mostly unnoticed. To have a hot swappable server that can be powered on with the touch of a button if something in your main server fails is awesome. Also this allows us to safely tweak our sites and services in a test environment that was cost prohibitive before. The ability to set up and deploy directory services, a web site, etc. for under 1k is pretty damn cool.

Comment Re:you know... (Score 1) 460

Actually there really is something to be said for this approach. When I had two servers fail in one night, they rocked. Also you will be surprised by how many "" types will get back to you. Guys who have been there a few days...

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