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Comment Re:Error Correction Codes implementation? (Score 1) 357

I think that the transmission delay is not as important as the energy consumption. I'm pretty sure that computing to repair loss data will be quicker than retransmitting; but I do not know if the energy used is less. Because if that is not the case then it is bye bye cell phone & tablet batteries!

Comment Re:Can't wait!!! (Score 1) 500

Metro is about MS making a homogenous look and feel across all possible platforms,

I agree with this.

and thus, having to go to the least common denominator (cell phone interfaces) for all of them.

I do not agree with this. I think that cellphones are, now, the "most common" denominator, not the "least" one. There are so many smartphones around, that now people are more used to this kind of interface, so it does make computers more usable if they agree with the paradigm. I also think this is shit for "power users" or "developers", but that is less than 1% of the market, so MS will not care.

Comment Re:News? (Score 1) 444

Well it happened here in Chile after our last big earthquake in 2010. Then, when the army finally took over (it took them some time to reach the most devastated points), some people were rushing to return the goods. You can probably still find videos of "walking" fridges in the internet.

Comment Re:Too fast ! (Score 1) 449

I totally agree with you. As I said, I love this kind of feature, and I think it has a lot of potential. My point is that it does not help with migration. Just "to be fair" I checked out in Windows, if I put "present...", it does not show power point as an alternative. It only show menu items that do match with that I'm typing. To lauch it i write "power...". How will that help to migrate to linux?

Comment Re:Too fast ! (Score 3, Interesting) 449

"... and migrate from Windows to Linux software without having to relearn menus" I do like typing the name (or part of the name) of an application to run it, but still I'm really not sure about this one. Menus, at least, are a lot more standarized in term of names (for the most common tasks: copy, pase, search, undo...) than applications names. I'm a long time linux user, for example, but I have not idea how is called the presentation application in open-office (or libre-office). Will I have to type "presentation"? How many people will guess that and not start typing "powerpoint"?

Comment Re:Not really surprised. (Score 2) 237

I like in spirit, but I would be wary about the implementation. It has already happened with the iPhone (I do not know if this is the case): the hardware is so powerfull, that developers forget this is not a fully computer or laptop. I'm not thinking about the interface, but usage of battery. They forget that the energy resource IS a limitation in this case, with the consequence, for me at least, that the battery will be shorter than the day, requiring me to charge at some point of just keeping mi phone plugged during the day. If this has happened to the developers that started working with the mobile device in mind, I wonder what a platform that started with none of these consideration in mind.

Comment Re:Won't Happen (Score 1) 245

Not going to happen for two reasons: - More often than not, technology or techniques developed from said projects are used in future or ongoing projects. - Only one thing worse than your project failing is releasing it in the wild and having another company or group making it successful without you.

Is it that if you opensource something you also immediately transfer (or give away) the right to commercialize it? (I think that, for example, there is a Qt commercial license which is different from the non-commercial one).

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