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Comment Re:"Least popular"? What about Windows ME? (Score 2, Interesting) 672

I've used every version of Windows since Win 3.1. and currently use Vista. And Windows Mobile (even though it's not a desktop OS) is the most horrendous, user-unfriendly, bloated and buggy mess that MS dumped on its users. I bought an HP ipaq after debating hard between iphone and ipaq. I simply didn't want AT&T contract and wanted to be able to open office documents among other things. I chose the ipaq. It amazes me that version 6 (the one on my ipaq) is that bad. How can it be version 6!??? is beyond me. After months of trying hard to get used to using it and depending on it, now it sits there in my draw abandoned. $299 gone and it's one terrible feeling of sadness and anger.
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How To Make Money With Free Software 81

bmsleight writes "The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition to design not a building, but rather the new 5-Euro commemorative coin. The theme was 'Netherlands and Architecture'. The winning design was made 100% with free software, mainly Python, but also including The Gimp, Inkscape, Phatch, and Ubuntu. The design is amazing — the head of Queen Beatrix is made up of the names of architects based on their popularity in Yahoo searches (rendered in a font of the artist's own devising). In the end the artist, Stani Michiels, had to collaborate closely on location with technicians of the Royal Dutch Mint, so all the last bits were done on his Asus Eee PC. Soon, 350,000 Dutch people will use and enjoy the fruits of free software."

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