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Comment Re:Apple is dying (Score 1) 284

>>My Linux boxes much more usable and easy to troubleshoot when there is a problem.

you're missing the point.... for most users, not having the problem in the first place is worth far more than "ease of debugging" after the problem has happened. I run Linux on my own machines, and force it on my teenagers, but never in a million years would I try to pass it off on my elderly parents.

Comment Garden hose (Score 4, Interesting) 251

Hurricane Sandy in 2012--
a foot of water in the basement and climbing.
Not a pump to be had-- hours of phone calls revealed that I was last in line at the sump pump store; even if I could have gotten a pump there was no electricity.
Realized that we lived on a hill; set up a gravity siphon using 200' of garden hose.

Woke up the next morning to a dry basement, power came back a few hours later.

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