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Comment Re:"No reliable solution" (Score 0) 415

The problem is when they keep their old phone turned on for a few days and it happily receives all of their iMessages until it runs out of batteries. That's what happened to me when a friend got a new phone. I told him to turn his phone off or unregister iMessages. He checked his old phone when he got home and there were the messages I had sent him the previous day.

Comment Re:If you're on Slashdot, you should know better.. (Score 0) 329

So do hundreds of other companies. It's not like EA is the only company making fun games. Nobody could ever possibly play every game ever made, even if we just limited it to the fun ones and played games 24x7, there isn't time for it. So for me, when it comes to deciding between an EA game and something else, it's pretty easy to decide that because EA generally sucks I'll choose a something else every time.

Comment Or maybe... (Score 0) 827

JUST maybe the students are at fault for taking out huge student loans they couldn't possibly afford to pay back. Least of all the ones who do and then drop out before even completing their degree.

Comment Re:Yeah. (Score 0) 289

Hey, with Android you could try to be "forwards" compatible via reflection *gag*

That's one of the things I love about iOS is that you always build with the latest SDK and just do version checks for the (very) few features that aren't available on earlier versions. In an app I am working on, iOS6 required only 1 version check for a map related feature. Other than that? The code is identical no matter what version of the OS you are running on.

Android? it's bad. Maddeningly bad. We have a requirement to support 2.2+ while our users demand features that aren't really officially available until 4.0. The result is that we need to use a lot of different compatibility libraries to get the behavior our clients want on the devices a small percentage of them use. The part that keeps me up at night (not really) is wondering at which version of Android our compatibility libs are going to stop working for, and how to handle that problem when it comes up without axing features or functionality. Sure it's not something the users ever have to care about, but it definitely makes problems for developers.

Comment Not worth it for a friend of mine (Score 0) 65

A friend of mine got a squaretrade warranty for his android phone. It cost him $85 and the phone eventually broke. He sent it in to squaretrade paying his own shipping and they charged him a $100 deductible to fix it, and then sent it back. I looked up the price of a used phone same make/model from a local classified ad listing and they were going for $200. The $85 investment made him $10.

Comment Re:For a guy who "learned Linux"... (Score 0) 1110

Yes, right click is so terrible that apple started using it in their UI years ago. Even before OSX you could ctrl+click to perform a right click which is not easily discoverable nor is it intuitive. But hey, at least they have it now! I mean Apple is SOO great at UX design that their so-called magic mouse won't even do a right click unless you lift your left finger off the device. Inspiring!

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