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Comment Web-based password managers (Score 1) 114

Does the Windows 8 password vault count as a "web-based password manager"? It does store your password on a third party online server. Hopefully its properly secured by good programmers and doesnt have any obvious (direct quote from the article) "logic and authorization mistakes to misunderstandings about the web security model, in addition to the typical vulnerabilities like CSRF and XSS".

Comment Lazy, or find exercise friggin boring? (Score 1) 670

If someone could tell me exactly what and how much to eat and how much and how hard to exercise. But dieting is all a lot of guesswork and maybes, and each and every person is an unique snowflake now'a'times that this can evidently not be solved by science.. Seriously; exercising is boring and so is food, and i would like to do them both as little as necessary.

Another thing, no one has ever straight out told me to go hungry to lose weight. The closest was the diplomatic answer (after i directly asked) that i should "redefine what hungry is"... ?!? What? Is dieting some kind of zen thing? Stupid. I would rather have the pills than deal with all this confusion and guesswork.

Comment A cheap, old Commodore 64 (Score 1) 623

Many nice stories here.

My parents bought me a cheap and old commodore 64 in 1992, with no games and only a user manual. It went the only way it could; i made my own fun (sprites, music, basic games). Later they got me an old IBM pc with MS-DOS, and i used the same knowledge in QBasic. I wanted to learn everything about programming. I searched libraries at school, i joined anything computer related. For this i got a good understanding of VERY BASIC WORD features. Jeez.. Seriously, there was nothing more advanced to be found. Nowhere. And i cursed that small spot of technological backwater internet-free spot of earth, while scouring every computer magazine i found.

Finally i started in High School in 2001, got internet-access, found how i could make my own Quake mods (i got the game and mapping tools trough a game magazine in my pre-internet era) and laid the foundations for my path of Destiny.

Comment Re:It could be nicer (Score 1) 717

Okay. Dont give guns to toddlers and punks in dark alleys. And dont take gun suggestions from retarded people. Then we should be safe. We should probably give out a questionaire to future gun-owners.. "What sort of places are you hanging out? Are you a toddler? How retarded are you from a scale from..." Huh, i would think someone already did that.. :)

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 717

That was brave of her. But if he had a gun, would she still have drawn hers? Would she still have lived? Because he would probably pulled the trigger first. After that he would have stolen her purse, sold her gun to a colleauge, and you would have two robbers running around with guns.

Here's what a civilised country with a well-educated, well-paid police force would do: Give away the purse without resistance (and without a gun inside), allow the mugger to think he has won and leave you (it is VERY rare a person would kill if not threatened). Then contact the cops and give an accurate description of the suspect. They will keep a lookout for the suspect, and most likely find him. Then you call your card company to close your card, your phone company to close your phone and your insurance company to get some of your money back for your probably expensive phone.

If you do not have a well-educated, well-paid police force close by, then there is your real problem. Not guns.

Comment Re:It could be nicer (Score 1) 717

There is no defense against guns. Well, except bulletproof shields or heavy armor. Or maybe just avoid the alleyways all together. An example: You could give a toddler a gun and he could kill you instantly. Give the same toddler a knife, and the very worst.. he would accidently slash your arterial and you would slowly bleed to death.

Besides, if these thugs in the dark alleys would kill me either way, what sounds cooler? That i fought to my last in a kick-ass knife duel or that i died instantly from gun wound? Where did my knife came from, you might ask? Well, i never claimed i would rather get killed than have a weapon to defend myself. I just prefer that both parties in this conflict is carrying weapons which can be used defensively, so that the combat isn't instantly won by the first one to draw.

The next comment would probably, at this point, tell me that a knife in the back would kill me just as suddenly as a gun. True that. Or if i was old and defenseless they could probably just walk up and stab me from the front. True. I still think it would be more difficult for a person to walk up to me and stab me than to pull a trigger and watch me die.

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