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Submission + - Feds Shut Down File-Sharing Website (

An anonymous reader writes: Megaupload an online Hong Kong–based company was shut down by the FBI on January 19, 2012, during an investigation into alleged copyright infringement. An indictment accuses of costing copyright holders more than $500 million in lost revenue from pirated films and other content. The Justice Department said in a statement said that Kim Dotcom, formerly known as Kim Schmitz, and three others were arrested Thursday in New Zealand at the request of U.S. officials. Two other defendants are at large.

Submission + - Hungarian democracy 'reformed' (

empty mind writes: Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orban has brought in a new constitution in spite of strong criticism from the opposition at home and from other countries, European Union partners included. The centre-right Fidesz party government is moving ahead ignoring protesters who say the new moves are undemocratic. [...] New laws on all public and private media place them under the surveillance by a body controlled by Fidesz loyalists. Radio, television and print organisations are liable for crippling fines if they fail to comply with orders of political “balance”.

Comment I hope they'll do even more (Score 1) 219

Let them do this. Streaming of football matches may get blocked to a certain amount and people will start caring about all this "freedom" thing. You know, here the majority of people just don't give a fuck, but don't touch their weekly football match or something like this. Here the system is just fucked up, I cannot name a single politician who actually cares about Italy: it's only a game of having a seat, privileges and an income. Berlusconi is the best (worst) example fo this.

The fact is that from the birth of the Italian Republic there has been a slow process of taking rights away so people are kind of used to being fucked in the ass. Time is coming to start a social revolution but we have to hit the bottom for people to notice the state of things.

P.S.: Ever wondered what's the meaning of "Popolo delle Libertà" (Berlusconi's party)? Literally translated that would be "people of freedom".

Comment Re:Would a standard for loudness help? (Score 1) 294

They started as a solo project of the guitarrist Steven Wilson. Early PT are psychedelic/ambient/prog rock (they were called the "new" Pink Floyd), now the music they make is more experimental metal. Stupid Dream and Lightsun Bulb are 2 albums from the first period I loved: I still like almost every song.

Beginning with In Absentia they started to sound much more metal and I like that too, but I know the general public doesn't enjoy "hard" stuff.

If you are into "calm" art/prog/psychedelic rock with ambient influences I recommend you nosound (albums: A Sense Of Loss, Lightdark). Also North Atlantic Oscillation are quite good, saw them live.

Btw, just check out Kscope ( It's label for this kind of stuff and there are some really good bands signed to them (PT were with them before signing to Roadrunner Records, a big name in the metal scene).

I also recommend you the last Pain of Salvation's album... While I don't like it at all it's a lot into the '70 rock style. And, since you wrote you are always looking for new stuff, listen to their album BE or The Perfect Element. Also Novembre's last two albums (progressiver death/doom/gothic metal... but, really, don't be scared of these labels if you don't like metal, they are enjoyable also by the average listener).

Submission + - New Threat To Internet Freedom In Italy (

empty mind writes: "From next week, the Communications Authority (AgCom) will have the right to block access to websites suspected of illegally hosting copyrighted material, without a trial. A rule which does not exist in any free country, strongly supported by Berlusconi and Mediaset."
This is what started the recent Anonymous attacks to institutional sites.

Comment Re:Mainstream media bullshit... (Score 1) 84

Please mod parent up. They are depicting anonymous as a criminal/terroristic organization with a central control (they use words like "boss" and "hacker cell"). Mainstream media simply don't get it. As parent said, there's a more important thing happening here. AgCom, the italian autority guarantor of the telecommunications, will soon have the power to "black out" websites suspected of hosting copyrighted material without a trial. So they will be able to bypass the legal system and a lot of people here believe they'll use their power to censor websites... You know, TPB here has been blocked for some years now. They blocked the access to Btjunkie citing the economical damage made to Dahlia TV because of the transmission of football matches. Needless to say, Btjunkie is just a torrent search engine. Only some journals are talking about this and have organized an event to be transmitted over the internet in streaming.

Comment Can someone explain me... (Score 1) 308

...why on ./ I read a lot of comments ignoring the problem of the disposal of nuclear waste? I don't know that much about this stuff, but what I know is that 'Ndrangheta was involved in the illegal dumping of nuclear waste in the past years. They took it from countries like Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, and the US and shipped it to Somalia, or, even "better", they loaded some ships and sank them in the Mediterranean Sea. This was back in 1980/1990, but can anyone be sure this is not happening today? Btw, probably there were some technological breakthrough I'm not aware of.

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