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Comment IBM OS/2 vs Windows (Score 1) 189

IBM's OS/2 was able to run DOS and Windows problems. OS/2 was billed as "a better DOS than DOS and a better Windows than Windows".
I've always thought that feature was actually OS/2's downfall. Back in the day when I had to make a choice whether to develop for Windows or for OS/2 I chose Windows because I knew that my program would run on both Windows *and* OS/2.

So, implementing Android compatibility guarantees that nobody will develop for Windows Phone. As OS/2 proved, making Windows Phone a "better Android than an Android" is a losing strategy.

Comment Re:there is proof (Score 5, Informative) 160

It is a given that soap kills bacteria.

Soap doesn't kill bacteria, it merely dissolves the oil that enables the bacteria to cling to your skin, thus allowing water to flush them away.
Soap and water is so effective at removing bacteria that adding a microbial agent to the soap has no benefit, because there are so few bacteria left on your skin to kill...

Comment Re:Concurrency (Score 1) 159

Is it really the language's job to bake that in?

Why build a better type system, or any type system at all, when I can just call everything an Object?
A better type system makes it easier for developers to create correctly working, and efficient, code.
Coding for concurrency is very difficult and a proper concurrency approach (ala Go or Rust) make it much easier for developers to develop correctly working, and efficient, code.
Add-on libraries like Akka make things a little easier but can't help nearly as much as a properly designed concurrency architecture.

Comment Re:Easy... (Score 1) 1121

Believing in reality is not necessary for reality at all. One of the most important aspects of reality is, that it is real. No faith needed. A wall is just there, and even if you stop believing in the wall, you will still hit your head if you try to run through it.

Ah, not necessarily. There is an infinitesimal chance that instead of hitting your head on the wall that you will instead disappear from one side of the wall and reappear on the other. This is proven physics. What's your reality now?

Our reality is basically what whatever we *think* is reality.

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