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Submission + - A good Zune Review

emor8t writes: "While I have previously had a iPod and iRiver DAP, I was very interested in the Zune. To say that the reviews for the Zune are unbiased would be to say that the U.S. congress was of a single party (and one of sound mind, at that.) Under heavy scrutiny on the list of features of the Zune, is the wireless transfer feature. Using the so called "three by three" process for avoiding heavy lawsuits from none other that the RIAA, this feature allows you to transfer songs to another Zune, giving the owner of the other Zune the ability to play the song 3 times, or within 3 days, whichever first. Of course, the Zune also carries a FM receiver, 30 gigabytes of space for your tunes, and videos, as well as a much appreciated by this reviewer, a relatively scratch resistant casing compared to the iPod. continued, nitial-thoughts.html"

Submission + - 103-incher Plasma now Shipping!

emor8t writes: "Now Shipping!!!

The TH-103PF9UK is the world's largest high definition plasma display and destined to be the awe-inspiring centerpiece of any facility or event. From the lobby or conference room of a corporate headquarters to the focal point of a trade show exhibit, this super-large 1080p panel is a show stopper for a wide range of professional applications including video production and screenings, live events, and control and command centers. This super-size display is equivalent in size to four 50-inch Panasonic plasma displays.

Professional installation is required.

And at the price of a new Corvette Z06, you can have one! rvlet/ModelDetail?displayTab=O&storeId=11201&catal ogId=13051&itemId=98050&catGroupId=14624&surfModel =TH-103PF9UK"

Submission + - 512 core processor! Petaflops coming soon!

emor8t writes: "From: The Register: 512-core_co-pro/

Japanese researchers at the University of Tokyo have built a multi-core chip that runs at just 500MHz but is capable, they claim, of performing 512bn floating-point operations every second. The secret: the processor contains 512 cores. To be accurate, the so-called Grape DR chip is a maths co-processor. It's designed to sit on a PCI-X add-in card and provide back-up for the host system's CPU. And each core is designed to handle a single, specific maths instruction, such as a floating-point addition or multiplication. The chip also contains a shared memory cache.

Not to be outdone, but lagging hopelessly behind, Intel offers up 80 core processors, think teraflops.

Quad-core? Pah! Intel has produced an 80-core chip, the world's first programmable microprocessor with teraflop performance capabilities, the chip giant claimed today. It's not compatible with the x86 instruction set — it's a proof of concept part designed to show how a production processor might operate. The monster part incorporates not only the usual data-processing facilities — essentially they're just floating point maths co-processors — but also features a network processing unit on each core to control core-to-core communication. The cores are linked in a mesh configuration.

From: flop_processor/"

Submission + - Water On Mars!

emor8t writes: "Water on Mars you say?

Times Online December 06, 2006

We've found water on Mars, scientists say Mark Henderson, Science Editor of The Times The gully that on Mars that scientists say was created by water (NASA/AP) Liquid water has flowed on the surface of Mars within the past five years, according to new evidence that suggests the Red Planet could currently be capable of harbouring life. Images taken from an orbiting spacecraft have revealed two fresh features in the Martian landscape that scientists think were been formed by brief torrents of water as recently as 2001.,,3-2490296, 00.html"
The Internet

Submission + - Hackers attack Naval War College

emor8t writes: "Posted 12/6/2006 9:39 AM ET By Michelle R. Smith, Associated Press Writer PROVIDENCE — Hackers attacked the computer network at the Naval War College in Newport, taking down the school's network for more than two weeks, including some e-mail services and the college's website. The Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command in Norfolk, Va., detected the intrusion around Nov. 16 and took the system offline, spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Doug Gabos said. He said the unclassified network was used by students."

Submission + - It's offical: 90% of email is spam!

emor8t writes: "While it is no suprise that 9 out of 10 emails can be classified as spam, what percentage of those left over emails are actaully read really? I mean, who reads emails from grandma with 80000 pictures?

LONDON, England (Reuters) — Criminal gangs using hijacked computers are behind a surge in unwanted e-mails peddling sex, drugs and stock tips. The number of "spam" messages has tripled since June and now accounts for as many as nine out of 10 e-mails sent worldwide, according to U.S. email security company Postini. As Christmas approaches, the daily trawl through in-boxes clogged with offers of fake Viagra, loans and sex aids is tipped to take even longer. .reut/index.html"

Submission + - Cellphones don't raise cancer risk?

emor8t writes: "Turns out cell phones don't cause a cancer increase. All these years people have been worrying about getting brain cancer, I guffawed, I was more worried about testicular cancer. Think about it people, where is your cell phone 90% of the time.

"Using a cell phone does not increase a person's risk of cancer, according to a broad study released on Tuesday involving more than 400,000 Danish cell phone users. A team of researchers used data on the entire population of Denmark to determine that neither short-term nor long-term use of cell phones, was linked to a greater risk of tumors of the brain and nervous system, salivary gland or eyes, leukemia or cancer overall. It is estimated that more than 2 billion people worldwide use cell phones. " ancer+risk/2100-11393_3-6141319.html?"

Submission + - In New York, Garage park You!

emor8t writes: "I want this system to be implemented everywhere. Because people can't drive in parking garages.

For decades, Italy, Germany and Japan have been developing automated garages in which cars are not driven to parking spaces but instead are lifted by computerized machines and stowed in compact berths. Such designs greatly increase the number of vehicles that a garage can hold.

One of the first automated garages in the New York area — designed by Robotic Parking Systems of Clearwater, Fla., and opened in 2002 in Hoboken, N.J. — took too long to retrieve cars, drivers said, and even dropped a few. Robotic Parking said the problems in Hoboken had been fixed, and it was now in talks to build automated garages at 30 sites in the New York City area, according to Jeffrey Faria, a company spokesman. mated+garage/2100-11394_3-6141298.html? p"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - LSI to buy Agere

emor8t writes: "From NYT:
LSI Logic said yesterday that it was buying a rival chip maker, Agere Systems, in a deal valued at $4 billion. LSI hopes the move will help it compete in the competitive market for data storage. The deal will combine two companies with largely complementary product lines. LSI is a leading maker of semiconductors used in DVD recorders, portable music players and storage systems for network servers, while Agere is focused on the mobile phone market and in data storage for consumer products.

$4 bbbbillion? with a "B"? Actually seems cheap considering YouTube was 1.65 Billion"

Submission + - Video Games responsible for Nightmares

emor8t writes: "I can't recall any problems from playing 6 ours of Quake, except for maybe those red dotes everywhere...
CHICAGO, Illinois (Reuters) — Teens who play violent video games show increased activity in areas of the brain linked to emotional arousal and decreased responses in regions that govern self-control, a study released on Tuesday found.

The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to record tiny metabolic changes in brain activity in 44 adolescents who were asked to perform a series of tasks after playing either a violent or nonviolent video game for 30 minutes. .games.brain.reut/index.html"
Portables (Games)

Submission + - Kid has mom arrested for opening Christmas Present

emor8t writes: "I always wondered what Mom would have done if she found me sneakin' a peak at my christmas presents. Thankfully, I have ninja-like stealth.

"COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AP) — A fed-up mother had her 12-year-old son arrested for allegedly rummaging through his great-grandmother's things and playing with his Christmas present early. The mother called police Sunday after learning her son had disobeyed orders and repeatedly taken a Game Boy from its hiding place at his great-grandmother's house next door and played it." arrest.ap/index.html"

Submission + - Reuters and Yahoo want your photos!

emor8t writes: "NEW YORK (Reuters) — Yahoo Inc., in partnership with Reuters, is inviting the public to contribute eyewitness photos and videos of news events, in the latest move to turn spectators into on-the-spot journalists. The Internet media company said it has created a news contribution system called "You Witness" and is working with news and information company Reuters Group Plc, which will edit and distribute selected photos to other news outlets. Yahoo plans to run selected images contributed by users as part of topical packages on Yahoo News, which currently offers news from dozens of professional news organizations including Associated Press, CNN and Reuters. e=internetNews&storyID=2006-12-04T114148Z_01_NAAD0 401_RTRUKOC_0_US-YAHOO-REUTERS-EYEWITNESS.xml"

Submission + - CNET Editor and Family go missing!

emor8t writes: CNET's senior audio editor James Kim and family have gone missing. James, his wife Kati, and his young girls Penelope and Sabine, drove from their home in the SF Bay Area to Seattle. They were expected back some time Sunday, but were last seen by a hotel clerk at 5:45 PM on Saturday in or between Gold Beach or Portland, Oregon. -and-family-missing-have-you-seen-them/#comments

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