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Comment Internet (Score 1) 321

How are these cameras visible on the internet even with the default username / password? When setting up my fascam I had for use port forwarding to get from the external ip address to the camera, along with binding the Mac address to a static internal IP address, I also had to set up DDNS for the domain name and when my ISP change my external IP address. Surely the router firewall would block all this traffic by default?

Comment Safety (Score 1) 398

If its really about safety then get rid of the fines and just lose demerit points, eventually the people will lose the license and hopefully not be on the roads, making them safer. The installation should cost public tax dollars to ensure they are only used where necessary and the people agree.

Comment Re:No outside help ? (Score 1) 684

Where i studied the grade was always decided by the final closed book off site hand written exam, 90% of the grade. So copying code didn't change anything, you didnt even need to do the assignment since they were only 10%. The only way to cheat was to bring notes into the exam and hope you dont get caught looking at them.

Comment Re:What's it worth? (for what it's worth) (Score 1) 291

If you can make a living out of it then don't do it, simple as that. My girlfriend would love to be a professional photographer puts thousands of dollars into the business each year and makes a loss. Shes has to work full time elsewhere to support her 'hobby' basically. Especially with digital cameras and photoshop everyone thinks they're a photographer. Suck it up, if you can't make a living out of it, so be it, do something else. I write software for a living if piracy eventually ends that so be it. I'll get another degree, move into support, managing hardware, laying networks or another field completely, whatever I need to do because that's just the reality of the situation. I still might write some freeware on the side cos that what I do, but I ain't gonna go around whinging to everyone cos my field changed and I was left behind.

Comment Ignore it (Score 1) 93

Can't everyone just ignore filesharing. Don't they have better things to do like protect the children or something. If making music, tv, movies, books, photso or any other content no longer become profitable then people will just stop creating it. The world will go on, we'll find other way to amuse ourselves and filesharing will cease on it own. If there still money to be made then perhaps less or better content will be produced or new business models will emerge. Why pay $5 a month when I can get everything I want for free right now?

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