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Comment Re:Pesky constitution (Score 1) 1047

the NDAA killed the first, fourth, and sixth amendments.

The NDAA provision is a statutory law, it CANNOT overrule any amendment. If they are in conflict, then the NDAA loses.

And after that, WTF? How did it kill the first amendment? Did it establish a relgion? Prohibit the free exercise of religion? Abridge the freedom of speech, or press? Or our right to peacefully assemble? Or did it eliminate our ability to petition the government for a redress of our grievances?

Actually yes, a strong case has been made for how NDAA abridges freedom of speech for the press:'m_suing_barack_obama/

Comment Marketcetera Open Source trading platform (Score 1) 161

Marketcetera recently saw a 1.0 release, and is currently deployed in over 20 financial institute production deployments according to their confluence page. It uses the open and standard FIX financial data protocol, and personally its one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I would love to get a team of coders and quant. analysts together, hook Marketcetera up to a FIX compatible provider like Penson or Lime Brokerage (yes, same people as Limewire), and start a blackbox fund. You could rival any major financial institute for almost no start up costs. Truly amazing.

The Internet

Submission + - Registrar Cybersquatting on Searched Domains

neutronblast writes: I work at web development firm and recently we were searching for new domain names for a client by going to a registrar and seeing if any of them were availible. After finding the name that we wanted, we emailed the client to get approval to purchase the name. The next day when we went to register it we found that it had been registered by an "Internet Domain Holding Company" (a.k.a. cybersquatter) called Maltuzi, LLC.

Coincedence? I'm not sure. I did some research and came up with and article at this Wired Blog and on the forums at webmasterworld.

Has anyone else had this experience? If so, let this be a caution to you and to just pony up the 10 bucks if you think you might want the name.

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