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Comment Re:Gotta ban those terrorists (Score 1) 75

You are completely correct and I was a little too brief in my comment and should have mentioned this. But it is still a completely fascinating thing to watch. It is amazing to see liberal minded people do an about face and deny other people the ability to voice their opinions. Screaming "racism" and labeling everything "hate speech" in order to make sure yours is the only voice that is heard is an interesting thing to witness. It is also very dangerous when powerful entities such as Facebook and Twitter engage in this behavior. I guess if you are a billionaire it's ok to attempt to force the world into your narrow view?

Comment Re:Gotta ban those terrorists (Score 1) 75

People care little about the US First Amendment rights apparently. You are allowed to say only things that they agree with. The assault on free speech with the shadowbanning of conservatives is an amazing thing to watch, but most people just shrug it off and dont realize how serious it is. All people are equal, but it appears some people or more equal than others.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 287

I use Chrome and the Personal Blocklist (by Google) extension to block them from appearing in Google search results. I will *not* run an installer that does who knows what to my pc, so they get the blacklist. The fact that they are changing their practices is too little too late, the trust was murdered forever ago.

Comment Re:Begun (Score 2) 180

Water pistols are insufficient, maybe water cannons ... Although I am now seeing a true purpose of those powerful green lasers the morons are always shining at aircraft. A nice green laser built into a rifle configuration with a powerful scope. Burning out the optics of any threatening drones seems like a reasonable defense.

Comment VM's (Score 1) 350

"how much RAM you need for regular desktop computing"

The word "regular" is probably the key. I have 32 gig of ram in my home machine because I like to spin up multiple VM's and leave them running. Windows will happily gobble up 2 gig of your ram, and if it's 32bit windows you really only have 3.5 gig to access. So that leaves your typical user with ~1.5 gig of ram for programs. Probably fine for "regular" computing but woefully inadequate for any serious use of a pc.

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