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Comment Because it can be used in Safety Critical Systems (Score 1) 641

Yes. There is an entire world beyond the sphere of web programmers. Go into the automotive sector and ask about using python, java or any other higher level language in a engine controller.... LInux? I don't want my car to take 2 minutes to boot and go into a kernel panic because a guy in his basement wrote a driver for something. Python? We can put 1 GB of ram so a lazy programmer can have his pristine language environment. In the world where things have to work reliably and there is no room for esoteric languages, C rules the roost

Comment Re:Arduyawn (Score 0) 56

Let's see.... Some Examples... Freescale Freedom Platform NCP LPC Xpresso TI Stellaris Launch Pad. Each have ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 variants. All those options are less than an Arduino. They each have accessible IO, lots of tool chain options and aren't crippled by the Arduino front end. (i.e. real debuggers) NXP even has M0 parts in an 8-pin dip. Arduino is like the guitar hero version of a microcontroller. Sure, you may look cool and sound OK tethered to a game machine but in the end you are slapping 4 plastic buttons.

Comment 2nd Try - Interfaces are important (Score 1) 303

I would disagree on this. Interface design often is as important as the implementation. It can take a good deal of effort to design and test a *good* interface. it often requires just as much engineering as an implementation.

That being said, I don't think there is anything remarkable about Java. In some ways this decision is a good thing.

1.) it may turn off enough people to never use java (which is a good thing). It was a horrible idea and runs like dog crap on *everything*

2.) Google should be punished for using such a system on an embedded platform. The whole idea of an interpreted code language on a high performance embedded device is dumb. This is why Android phones:

a.) crash
b.) run like crap
c.) have horrible memory/system requirements.

And if you are concerned about the environment, think of the carbon footprint of these types of systems (Java, .net, etc). All those extra CPU cycles to interpret code using up power..... sigh.

Comment Lazy Fat People..... (Score 1, Interesting) 135

Not to sound to cruel, but I see this being overused more by people who are simply lazy. Every time to goto a store, I see overweight folks using the electric karts to scoot them selves around so they can fill their baskets with oreos and ice cream... That and old people..... I always tell people I am "pro death panel". We simple can't afford to keep pumping cash into machines such as this to keep 90 year people moving around.

Comment Re:Hmmph. (Score 1) 477

Plenty of people are convinced to volunteer and give away their resources.

I am no quarrel with anyone willfully giving what they have earned to charity, etc. It is just evil when an invisible hand forces you because some faceless entity decides what is good and what is bad. That is as evil as any religous entity telling you that you are going to hell because you don't share in their faith.

Providing a monthly check for simply doing nothing is a disaster waiting to happen. You always have to ask the question how much and where does it come from? Then you realize that your utopian system has herpes.

You may choose to call me evil for having the audacity to say that everyone needs goto work to create some value in the world. I say its more evil to create a system that encourages people to because hopelessly dependent on a few "enlightned" leaders to provide them their daily gruel.

It's funny how people put all this faith in "economists" who claim to have create ideas about to run an economy but I have yet to see said economists run any business any better then us "groundlings".

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