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Submission + - Light Table - a new IDE concept (chris-granger.com)

omar.sahal writes: Bret Victor (covered previously on slashdot) demoed the idea of instant feedback on your code. Victor's concept runs a little like a interpretor on your code, but in realtime. This allows the programer to instantly see what his programe is doing. Chris Granger has turned this novel idea into Light Table — a new IDE designed to make use of the Victor's insights.

Bret Victor — Inventing on Principle — https://vimeo.com/36579366
Update on the project — http://www.chris-granger.com/2012/04/15/light-tables-numbers/

Comment Re:Poor people exist (Score 1) 568

Yes. The things that absolutely must be learned from kindergarten through, say, sixth grade do not require computers. When I show my kid the universe of bugs, slugs, and beetles that exist under a log I do it in the back yard. With a log. Not with YouTube. When I have a percussion jam with him we grab whatever we can find in the kitchen to hear how things sound different. We don't click mice. We draw pictures with crayons, markers, and pencils. We use paper, cardboard, or whatever material there is. Not with a iPad.

I grew up in a physical world, I learned about physical things and how they were made and how they worked. Not in a logical way, but in an experiential way. I obtained a very intuitive understanding of the world in wich we live. Putting rote learning aside, this is the core of early childhood learning. Math, physics, nature, and art all must thave this underpinning if they are to be bodies of knowledge and skills that will inform a persons life.

Early education is about testing, sharpening, and tuning childrens senses. In that task real experience matters, screen learning is worthless. I'll even argue that screen learning is of little help in learning the 3 R's.

Background: I did not have access to a computer(TI 99/4a) till I was nine years old. My first task was, well second actually, after I hunted the Wumpus, I started learning BASIC. I am now a sysadmin by profession.

Comment Multisignature transactions (Score 2) 450

Bad decisions were made. If you have ever had to deal with PCI DSS certification then you know what the credit card processing companies expect of their merchant customers. Now imagine the standards the credit card companies themselves try to adhere to. Some developers using BitCoin need to think about the security Big Picture before creating infrastructure for their projects/businesses. Keeping a BitCoin wallet containing thousands of BTC on a little cloud server is not wise.

Having said that, there is a solution in the pipe to help with this problem. Gavin Andresen, lead BitCoin developer, had his Bitcoin Faucet Linode server hacked. While only a few Bitcoins were lost he now is using this incident to support his proposal for Multisignature Transactions.


Submission + - Linode intrusions leads to theft of 3000 Bitcoins

emeitner writes: BitCoin is again the target of hackers. Like other times, the BitCoin network is untouched. A security flaw at Linode allowed attackers to get root access to servers running bitcoind for a web application. The BitCoin wallets had their balances transferred elsewhere. The largest loss was suffered by the Marek Palatinus of the Slush Mining Pool. He lost 3094BTC, $15,000 at current exchange rates. According to Linode a "customer support interface was used" to access customer accounts.

Gavin Andresen, lead BitCoin developer, had his Bitcoin Faucet Linode server hacked. While only a few Bitcoins were lost he now is using this incident to support his proposal for Multisignature Transactions.

Submission + - Stratfor Hacked, 200GB Of Emails, Credit Cards Sto (zerohedge.com)

Frankie70 writes: A few hours ago, hacking collective Anonymous disclosed that not only has it hacked the Stratfor website (since confirmed by Friedman himself), but has also obtained the full client list of over 4000 individuals and corporations, including their credit cards (which supposedly have been used to make $1 million in "donations"), as well as over 200 GB of email correspondence.

Comment One aspect of this (Score 1) 331

I think one aspect of this is the trend toward associating low pitched voices with authority. Megamedia news outlets are the best example. When the message in the media is of poor quality they then try to pump up the authority of the messenger. How do they do it? Deep, chest resonating, bass voices.

I've observed people's behavior and noticed that when a person is in a position where he or she wants to seem authoritative that the pitch of the voice drops. And when when females(or males with higher pitched voices) are in a situation where they need to have their authority stand on par with that of males many will use vocal fry to attain the low pitches they seek.


Submission + - Diaspora* Finally Launches (launch.is)

An anonymous reader writes: Diaspora has launched today, though you could join community-supported Diaspora* pods for awhile already. From the article: "Diaspora* sports some Google+ elements, such as the black bar at the top and a stream on the left-hand side with "Aspects" rather than Circles. Unlike other social networks, Diaspora* encourages people to follow hashtags rather than users, though it is possible to search for people. Similar to Google+ and Facebook, you can post publicly or with a select group of people and add your own "Aspects." ... When you join Diaspora*, you are asked to follow tags. In your first post, including #newhere lets others in the Diaspora* community know to give you a warm welcome. Tags include #music with 6K+ followers, #newhere with 1K+ followers and #occupy with 400+ followers, but there is currently no way to see the most popular tags."

Comment It may be old school but it works (Score 4, Informative) 450

At my place of employment, 250 employee co-operative retail with three locations, I set up a 2 node DRBD/Heartbeat cluster. It is running NFS, Samba, LDAP. Clients, 42 of them, g are $275 Zotacs(Mag HD-ND01-U) running Ubuntu 10.04. I developed a disk image with everything the way we want it. It takes me 10 minutes to set up a new machine and most of that is the unboxing part. Clients authenticate via LDAP and mount NFS homes via autofs. Some apps are local such as Firefox and Thunderbird. Other business apps are accessed via A XenApp/Citrix server using the Citrix Native Linux client. And then there are the HR and Finance SAAS applications. Now the clients could just offer a RDP connection application and the Citrix server could be a server providing virtual desktops. But why? It would add a few more layers of complexity with little benefit. The client machines are cheap, fast, easy to replace. The OS is free. The user gets the performance of silicon on the desk with the storage reliability of a server in the closet.

Survey Shows That Fox News Makes You Less Informed 1352

A survey of American voters by World Public Opinion shows that Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. One of the most interesting questions was about President Obama's birthplace. 63 percent of Fox viewers believe Obama was not born in the US (or that it is unclear). In 2003 a similar study about the Iraq war showed that Fox viewers were once again less knowledgeable on the subject than average. Let the flame war begin!

Submission + - Governator Nukes Idiots (wordpress.com)

Martin Hellman writes: Imagine the Terminator, reincarnated as the Republican governor of California, calling four Republican Senators "idiots" for opposing the New START Treaty. Well it happened. On returning from a visit to Moscow with Silicon Valley executives, Schwarzenegger declared support for the treaty in no uncertain terms: “There are those in America that are trying to flex their muscles and pretend they're ballsy by saying, ‘we've got to keep those nuclear weapons.’ it's an idiot that says that.” While not directly naming John Barrasso, James Risch, Roger Wicker, and James Inhofe, those four Republican Senators voted against START in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The treaty would reduce both the US and Russian nuclear stockpiles from 2,200 deployed warheads to 1,550 each. Hardly disarmament, but a step in the right direction.

1,550 nuclear weapons is far more than needed as noted in a statement I authored that has been endorsed by former NSA Director (and one-time nominee for Secretary of Defense) Adm. Bobby R. Inman, among others: "Russia and the United States each have thousands of nuclear weapons, whereas a few hundred would more than deter any rational actor and no number will deter an irrational one. Either side could therefore reduce its nuclear arsenal with little to no loss in national security, even if the other side did not immediately reciprocate. In light of the growing specter of nuclear terrorism, a reduced nuclear arsenal could even enhance national security by lessening the chance for theft or illicit sale of a weapon."

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