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Submission + - Linode intrusions leads to theft of 3000 Bitcoins

emeitner writes: BitCoin is again the target of hackers. Like other times, the BitCoin network is untouched. A security flaw at Linode allowed attackers to get root access to servers running bitcoind for a web application. The BitCoin wallets had their balances transferred elsewhere. The largest loss was suffered by the Marek Palatinus of the Slush Mining Pool. He lost 3094BTC, $15,000 at current exchange rates. According to Linode a "customer support interface was used" to access customer accounts.

Gavin Andresen, lead BitCoin developer, had his Bitcoin Faucet Linode server hacked. While only a few Bitcoins were lost he now is using this incident to support his proposal for Multisignature Transactions.

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