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Comment Re:Indicative of General Attitudes (Score 2) 153

the problem with this stupid reply is it presupposes everyone from every generation is the same. The point of this article is that even this generations best and brightest aren't getting by in a way that will ensure they end up at the top of the system when they are ready to retire.

...and you're presupposing that the generation's best and brightest are these scientists. In my (personal) experience, the smartest people I know (both intrinsically and academically) opted to go into the private sector, not stay in academia and work for grants & peanuts.


Data Breach Exposes RAF Staff To Blackmail 153

Yehuda writes "Wired reports, 'Yet another breach of sensitive, unencrypted data is making news in the United Kingdom. This time the breach puts Royal Air Force staff at serious risk of being targeted for blackmail by foreign intelligence services or others. The breach involves audio recordings with high-ranking air force officers who were being interviewed in-depth for a security clearance. In the interviews, the officers disclosed information about extra-marital affairs, drug abuse, visits to prostitutes, medical conditions, criminal convictions and debt histories — information the military needed to determine their security risk. The recordings were stored on three unencrypted hard drives that disappeared last year.'"

Apple Plans $1 Billion iDataCenter 260

1sockchuck writes "Apple is planning a major East Coast data center to boost the capacity of its online operations, and may invest more than $1 billion in building and operating the huge server farm. That's nearly twice what Google and Microsoft typically invest in their massive cloud computing centers. The scope of the project raises interesting questions about Apple's plans, and has politicians in North Carolina jumping through hoops to pass incentives to win the project. The proposed NC incentives build on a package for Google that later proved controversial."

Comment Re:Paaaleeese (Score 1) 410

  1. You go into the bathroom and get paper towels and water.
  2. Go back to the spot of the 'incident'.
  3. Lower yourself towards the floor, and while using appropriate pressure, apply the wet towels on the 'incident',removing the bodily fluids from the floor.

Seriously dude, you don't need half a gallon of acetic acid and hip waders. You just need to take responsibility for what you and your family do, and sometimes that involves cleaning up your own mess.


The Wii - Is the Magic Gone? 492

Computer And Video Games asks the tough question: is the Wii's magic gone? After the flurry of excitement around the launch, lackluster ports and a persistent inability for Nintendo to keep units on the shelves has made it hard for gamers to sustain their enthusiasm for the system. It doesn't help that most of the good games slated for this year won't be out for months. In some cases, there's doubt they'll even make it out this year: Reggie Fils-Aime appears to be backpedaling on Metroid Prime 3 by Christmas, which would be a shame. GigaGamez has additional commentary. Are you still as excited about the Wii as you were when it launched?

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