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Comment Re:wha??? (Score 1) 99

I have posted rentals. I am in NYC area. I was never requested to pay a fee.

Yes of course since, unless you're a broker, your rentals posts clearly don't fall into the (already mentioned) paid categories:
Posting fees for jobs in 18 metro areas, brokered NYC apartments, and therapeutic services.

Being from NYC, you shouldn't have any problem in understanding your language ;-)

In case you're still not convinced, here is an article which explains how (and how much) Craigslist makes (big) money out of its site:
Craigslist Rakes It In

And it only deals with apartment brokers.

Comment Re:wha??? (Score 1) 99

What do you mean a "successful enterprise"? Craigslist is not an enterprise. It's a charity. It charges no money for its services. Neither the posters nor the viewers pay. [...] So this is just one charity giving money to another charity.


Q: Is craigslist a nonprofit?
A: No, craigslist was incorporated as a for-profit in 1999.

Q: How does craigslist support its operations?
A: Posting fees for jobs in 18 metro areas, brokered NYC apartments, and therapeutic services.

Craigslist fact sheet


IOS 4.1 Jailbroken Already 315

mspohr writes "Just hours after Apple released iOS 4.1 to great fanfare, hardware hackers found a way to jailbreak devices that run the new operating system. More surprising still, there doesn't appear to be anything Steve Jobs can do to stop them in the near future. The exploit in the boot ROM of iOS devices was first announced by iPhone Dev-Team member pod2g. It was soon confirmed by other hackers, who said that because the exploit targets such a low-level part of the operating system, Apple won't be able to stop jailbreakers without making significant hardware changes."

iPhone App In App Store Limbo Open Sourced 432

recoiledsnake writes "The author of iPhone prototyping tool Briefs has decided to open source it after the App store submission has been in limbo for over three months. The app had got into trouble for what Apple believes is being able to run interpreted code, though the author denies it, saying all the compiling happens on the Mac. While Rob stays civil, his co-worker blasts Apple for not even rejecting the app. Three months is nothing compared to Google Voice for the iPhone though, which is still being studied further by Apple after more than a year."

Comment ah yes, anti-perl tirades are refreshing (Score 2, Interesting) 207

A refreshing aspect of Coders at Work are the interviewees who don't shy away from strong opinions or humor, as shown in this remark by Peter Deutsch, "I think Larry Wall has a lot of nerve talking about language design--Perl is an abomination as a language."

Yes, it must be refreshing all right, listening to aging Computer "Scientists" reciting crap that's been stale for years. It certainly is courageous for an ACM member to continue the smear campaign against perl. His friends in the gentleman's club will be shocked at his outspokeness.

You might think that the obvious utility of perl, the fact that perl and perl derived languages remain tremendously popular with people writing actual code, might blunt the man's opinion that it's an "abomination". Is it at all possible that Larry Wall got a few things right, and that the CS field's decades-long obsession with elegance and reductionism was somewhat misplaced?

(And if you want to take the line that the CS attitude is correct, how would you prove that it's correct? Writing working code is evidently not relevant. And if you can't prove it, then what does the "S" stand for in "CS"?)

The Courts

Entire Transcript of RIAA's Only Trial Now Online 315

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The entire transcript of the RIAA's 'perfect storm,' its first and only trial, which resulted in a $222,000 verdict in a case involving 24 MP3's having a retail value of $23.76, is now available online. After over a year of trying, we have finally obtained the transcript of the Duluth, Minnesota, jury trial which took place October 2, 2007, to October 4, 2007, in Capitol Records v. Thomas. Its 643 pages represent a treasure trove for (a) lawyers representing defendants in other RIAA cases, (b) technologists anxious to see how a MediaSentry investigator and the RIAA's expert witness combined to convince the jurors that the RIAA had proved its case, and (c) anybody interested in finding out about such things as the early-morning October 4th argument in which the RIAA lawyer convinced the judge to make the mistake which forced him to eventually vacate the jury's verdict, and the testimony of SONY BMG's Jennifer Pariser in which she 'misspoke' according to the RIAA's Cary Sherman when she testified under oath that making a copy from one's CD to one's computer is 'stealing.' The transcript was a gift from the 'Joel Fights Back Against RIAA' team defending SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum, in Boston, Massachusetts. I have the transcript in 3 segments: October 2nd (278 pages(PDF), October 3rd (263 pages)(PDF), and October 4th (100 pages)(PDF)."

Comment Re:Who The Hell Still Uses Perl? (Score 1) 186

PHP is an oddity -- the syntax is okay, and since PHP5 it actually has some nice features like interfaces that move it toward an optional-static-typing model.
Was my attempt to be ironic too cryptic? ;-)
Just have a look at the page I mentioned in my node: and you'll see how irremediably shitty I think PHP is.

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