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Comment Re:Proximity Favored Connections (Score 1) 187

I am still surprised that a better protocol for proximity favored peer connections wasn't developed for BitTorrent and other P2P systems to maximize performance by connecting to peers on the same or close-by networks.

It is actually being developed, in the IETF ALTO working group. And BitTorrent Inc. is actually an active contributor of the current draft.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 64

Starting this late they should offer something better than Apple's app store - they don't: a recipe for failure? Hope not.

In about two centuries Nokia has shown to be pretty good at catching up on lucrative trends: it changed from a paper maker to cell phones and network equipment vendor, passing through the electricity business and rubber manufacturing sector. If selling applications on mobile phones will prove to be an important business even after first year's hype, I will not bet on a failure.


Submission + - Google Censors Search Suggestions in Italy (beppegrillo.it)

emarock writes: Perfectly in line with Italian government's view of the Internet, Google is now filtering search suggestions in its local search page. The news is reported on Beppe Grillo's blog, whose author — a very strong critic of Italian political system and by far the most popular Italian blogger — seems to be a targets of such a censorship. FTA: "Censorship is alive and fighting against us. In the newspapers and the TV, 'censorship is news'. The mayors forbid me to use their public buildings for my show 'Delirio', as happens in Pavia, as I'm a person who is not welcome [...] But there's one thing that I really cannot swallow. That the search suggestions in Google Italia (ONLY in Google Italia) delete me and prefer Beppe Maniglia and Beppe Quintale to me. Crikey, it's a scandal. Why Quintale and not me?" It is actually interesting that, despite being removed from the Italian page, Beppe Grillo is still the first suggestion in the English version of the search page, with little less than 3*10^6 results.

Comment Re:Multiple interpretations (Score 2, Interesting) 542

Very easy to find the value that the ISP will charge,

It is actually very hard, and mostly dependent on the level of competition among ISPs. In areas where people can buy access from one provider only -- or where a well established cartel exists -- ISPs will be happy to partner with RIAA to calm down those bandwidth hogs who demand to actually use the bandwidth they pay for. However, in normal markets RIAA will be asked to cover the losses caused by customer churn; I suspect it will be pretty expensive, especially if you consider that per-year revenues of the whole entertainment system are made in less than one month by the telecommunication industry.

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