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Comment Wearable Tech (Score 5, Insightful) 134

There is huge hype in the media that THIS year will be the year of wearable tech. Until there are better input methods then voice, i dont think it will take off. I hate interacting with my phone through voice, and i feel like Glass would be even worse.

Wearable tech is still a lot of hype by the industry, and I don't know if the consumer is really looking to spend money on it just yet. I feel like we need a breakout tech to really get people on board, and Glass hasn't done that.

Comment Blackberry (Score 1) 315

Had this been an issues with a new blackberry, you know they would be crucified. The media loves to let apple getaway with stuff like this all the time, but any mistakemade by RIM and it means the end of the company. If this is a software bug, why are we waiting weeks for a fix? Because apple knows they can do as they please, and these devices will still fly off the shelves faster then they can build them.

Comment Re:You said "transfer". (Score 2, Informative) 349

Not sure if the OP meant this, but I like the fact that if I have a game I like, for example L4D2 which is around 7 gigs, and a friend picks it up, I can bring over the backup files from my computer, and install the game using those. He does not have to go and waste a few hours re-downloading the games. All of my games are backed up to an external NAS at my house, and whenever I install them, its just a matter of clicking on the files on the NAS, and running the install. Then once its installed, the game is automatically patched to the latest version by steam( I can re-backup with this patch for next time ).
I can then bring my NAS with my to my friends, and as long as he owns the license he can still use the same install files. Very much like when games were bought on physical media. The advantage? No Stupid CD/DVD protection, i can give him a COPY of the backup file on DVD if I like.
No Key to remember. How many old games do I have that I no longer have the original packaging for? That means I have to crack the game to get around the activation key.
Also I can keep redundant copies of the game at home, and if my house burns down, steam still has a copy for me. If I own all my games on DVD and my house burns down, I'm S.O.L.

Comment Re:Where can I buy Linux games? (Score 1) 483

Hahha, i think we are getting a little flamewarry :)
OK, i admit, there are not a lot of great native games for Linux.
"Then why aren't games written for LINUX to run on Linux?"
Because there is no Demand for it? I really don't have a better answer for that. Linux makes up a very small percentage of the PC world, and many people run linux on sub par hardware. My thinkpad has built in graphics, and that good enough for me. I don't want my Linux OS for games.

But there are still some fun ones. Nexiuz is one that comes to mind. old school UT type game. What next, demanding why there isn't a Gaming community for Solaris?

There arn't games for Linux, because, there isn't a Market for games for Linux.
I Use Linux for work, and I used to use it for school. I still use it a lot at home for browsing/music/media related things. When I want to play games, I boot into Windows.
I Use Linux for productive things. Just like some people boot up their PS3 to play games, i see nothing wrong with booting up my Windows box.

Oh, and SDL and Allegro are no where near what you can with DirectX10...or probably 9 for that matter. The biggest problem is there isn't demand, or any developers willing to supply. I don't see the issue which makes this a Game changer for using Linux.

Comment Re:I keep trying (Score 1) 483


Install Ubuntu
Install Flash/restricted packages
Install non-default packages(pidgin, xchat, compilation tools)(all done via apt)
Do a system upgrade
Customize my Appearence settings
Get a few Firefox addons

A Base linux install is quicker then Windows, and it comes with 1/2 of your software installed. I meant a fully configured setup.

On Windows, first you install the OS, then you need to hunt down all of your Driver CDs(Obviously drivers are an issue in Linux as well, but can't say i have ever had a 10/100 NIC not work in Linux, i have in Windows). Then install Office, install Firefox, Install antivirus, install windows updates, install Flash, install Java. There is no options to send one apt-get install command with a list you want, you have to crawl the web, looking for the latest version of every tool you want.

Personally, i'll go with APT

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