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Comment Re:Trust? (Score 2) 135

From: It is hosted by the Linux Foundation and sponsored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla, Cisco, and Akamai. Let's Encrypt also has a cooperation agreement with the certificate authority Identrust, which will sign the Let's Encrypt intermediate certificate. This cross-signature from an existing certificate authority will guarantee that the Let's Encrypt certificates will be accepted by all major web browsers.

Comment Re:Traditional or white-box? (Score 1) 94

Microsoft Azure cloud using Dell containers: HP also builds containers, fills them with compute/storage/network/power/cooling equipment and ships them to customers. It isn't all off-the-rack servers, customers work with HP/Dell engineers to get what they want. The big players saw Open Compute and jumped in on it too.

Comment Re:Did I miss his point? (Score 1) 42

I think he's talking more about how cloud (Specifically OpenStack) needs a Linus Torvalds. Some marquee name to hold it all together and not let it fragment too much. Have a cloud at the core... then openstack/cloudstack/nebula/etc are "distributions" that sit on top. You can make a piece of the software and it will run on any of the distributions since they are all based on a core that works for them all.

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