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Comment Re:God is just (Score 1) 494

You get what you pay for. You earn what you get, one way or another.

If you marry someone much prettier, you will have a live of submission. If you take a job paid too much, they won't let you forget it. If you lie or cheat, you will get-in over your head. There is always justice. If you come from segregation, your world view might need an adjustment.

Correction, you earn what you negotiate.

Comment Re:Fork? (Score 1) 156

Disclosure - I work for Oracle. If you think support is 13 levels removed from development, you haven't worked at a software company. As we speak, I'm sitting in a conference room with no fewer than 4 product managers. I've worked personally with developers for a variety of our products. And we're a BIG company. When I was working support at a startup, I could walk over to the dev area and physically bully them into helping me troubleshoot when it was necessary. Oracle is very good about making sure that development is well aware of how the products are used in the field and what the issues are; getting involved in support is only a part of that.

Comment Re:Business Intelligence (Score 1) 180

Disclosure - I work for Oracle, though not for the OBIEE team. The people I know that work with OBIEE repeatedly claim the best scaling BI architecture in the industry. They even went so far as to describe in fairly deep detail the specific technical reasons for it, which I believe added up to being able to horizontally scale the software components to meet your specific performance needs.

Comment Re:Have a taste... (Score 2, Interesting) 2950

maybe PearPC has become much more useful? It wouldn't have to carry the burden of emulating a PowerPC on intel anymore- but I believe they've taken care of emulating Open Firmware. Unless Apple uses this mystery DRM scheme that Intel has supposedly stuffed into its latest Pentium variants, I'm pretty sure people will be installing the leaked OS X 10.4.1 for Intel on non-Apple branded PCs shortly after it ships to developers in two weeks...

Comment Re:Why so many MSN Search stories? (Score 2, Insightful) 297

re: do a search for linux... The "first thing" you're referring to is an ad. Do a search for Linux on Google, and you get the same exact link as the first result on the right-hand side under "Relevant ads" or whatever they're called - MSN just calls them "sponsored sites". I'm not advocating trusting Microsoft, but I really think you were not being objective here and felt the need to.....object.

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