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Submission + - EFF Responds to TV Stations Threatened by Exxon for Critical Ad (

elrendermeister writes: is reporting that the EFF has responded to Exxon's media intimidation at the site of the Mayflower, Arkansas tar sands oil spill, ExxonMobil has now taken to sending Cease and Desist letters to local Little Rock television stations into canceling the airing of a satirical but cutting advertisement critical of their business practices.

Comment Re:News behind the news (Score 1) 199

With that logic, you as head of Adobe would continue to test Photoshop 4 against current windows updates then wouldn't you. At some point you just expect HTML to render don't you?

For web application developers this attitude is unreasonable. You can't possibly test your development code and every previous release against every browser variant every night. The other point you seemed to miss is that Mozilla's bug BROKE CODE THAT WORKED WHEN IT WAS RELEASED.

The point of this whole discussion isn't that there was some new release, but that Mozilla was actually nimble enough to respond as quickly as they did.

You keep trying to turn this into some ugly flame war over who has better development practices. Take a valium.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - BluRay VIAO's $1300, what's taking Apple so long?

elrendermeister writes: For the longest time I have been searching the internet for news of BluRay equipped MacBooks and the common thread in all the various discussions has been that the price point for the drives remains the barrier for introduction of MacBooks and MacBook Pro's with BluRay RW drives. Not long ago a vendor surfaced offering slot loading BluRay RW drives for the MacBook for $995, but that seemed a little bit absurd.

But now I can go to and order a complete 15" notebook with a BluRay RW drive and ripping fast Nvidia graphics for as little as $1098 (that quickly becomes $2000 once I add memory and a decent HD and some other gravy).

So what's taking Apple so long to get BluRay drives into their portable devices? I have put of purchasing a replacement for my now aging G4 laptop for months and now I'm actually considering just buying the Sony.

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