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Comment Re:MySQL's Query Planner Still Sucks (Score 1) 320

And if you had read the manual and turned on the option to make it do those checks ( sql_mode='TRADITIONAL' ) It would have objected.

Blaming mysql because you can't RTFM makes you look like a beginner. If you had actually used a large range of databases professionally you would know that apart from CRUD operations every single database has its own quirks and there is no meaningful standard. Seriously, go read something like the SQL cookbook the variations are all over the place. I've also seen both PG and Mysql do some seriously dumb things with joins.

One of the things real engineers do is understand the tradeoffs between different options and choose the one that suits the particular application and environment at hand. Postgresql's unstoppable OCD has always made it a good choice for accounting type systems while mysql has always been good for blog style sites where the data is very dirty. PG 9.3 and 9.4 have finally got reasonable replication but prior to that it wasn't always the best choice if you needed replication.

That article was just click bait with large parts either wrong or irrelevant.

Comment How is that different to Apple? (Score 1) 361

Ignoring the fact that Android has something like 85% market share so consumers are obviously not unhappy, how is this different to Apple? Android and Apple steal so many ideas from each other that the differences are now mostly cosmetic.

As for the large choice in phones, isn't this is like saying motorists have too many kinds of cars to choose from?

Comment Re:Oh, I totally agree... (Score 1) 791

I'm going to disagree really strongly with you there. The lightning connector is at least reversible, but that's a fairly minor gain.

Mico-USB is NOT fragile. Other than online Apple fan boys I've yet to meet someone who claims to have broken one. In any case even if it did break most people have draws full of the things because they are so common otherwise a new one is about two dollars. You would have to break a LOT of usb cables to add up to a single lightning connector.

Also putting a chip inside the cable is pretty blatantly an anti-copy mechanism (either that or Apples designer are incompetent). The EU allowing the lightning connector is proof that their regulators are as bribe-able as their US counterparts.

Comment Re:A big problem (Score 2) 228

This is not the first time D-Link have been caught doing stuff like this, and the DNS attack is exactly what happens when the bad guys find out.
This was a big issue here in South Africa a few months ago. Telkom (the local state owned incompetent telco) were selling approved DLink modems with helpful extra admin accounts (username: support password: support was one I saw) which suddenly started redirecting traffic to interesting locations.

Comment Re:They don't enforce snooping on everything (Score 1) 782

Any scanner is probably set up to watch the internet gateway, its not likely to be watching vpn traffic and unless you abuse the bandwidth no one will go looking there. My experience is that the corporate world is a place where talent goes to die. Don't expect anyone to show enough initiative to search for something that unusual. My favourite corporate client has a policy of tweaking internal linux boxes to withstand syn flood dos attacks and non root users cannot view about 90% of /etc, but the boxes themselves are unpatched RHEL5 boxes that the most amateur of hackers could walk through.

The real golden rule is always find out what level of corporate psychosis you are dealing with first. I've seen several corporates where staff above a certain level are issued with 3G dongles to bypass the firewall, others where porn sites are added to a blacklist with no further comment. I've also seen companies where even browsing Slashdot might not be work safe. YMMV.

Meanwhile the real data thieves just dump everything to thumb drives.

Comment Re:You have a clear anti-JS bias. (Score 1) 575

And someone competent in using the language would know enough to use the db independent function calls and that once you start escaping strings you are doing it wrong. Much like a competent c programmer understands the specific limitations of strcpy.

All the very well paid professional python programmers I know seem happy using a language with significant whitespace.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 118

That's exactly what the SA law would do. The paper is REQUIRED to turn over all documents to the nearest police station and give the name of the whistle blower or editor would face jail time. Not sure of the exact penalties, I think its 5 years for not turning over the docs and 25 years for publishing the information.

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