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Comment Re:A fake pumping himself up (Score 3, Insightful) 249

He seems to be using a variant of the "big lie" wrapping some pieces of truth in the bigger lie. He does appear to have a valid copyright registration for a computer program entitled "EMAIL." from 1982. He's then taking advantage of the mainstream press' unfamiliarity with copyrights vs trademarks vs patents AND their unfamiliarity with software technology--or even willingness to read something as basic as the wikipedia entry for email to realize that 1982 was late to the party and at best the guy did develop a neat computer program at a young age, but certainly is in no way is the inventor of email as a technology. Shame on the media as much as on him.

Comment Re:Same Price as a normal laptop (Score 2) 277

It has not been my experience that the useful lifetime of a laptop is 5 years, 2-3 for a laptop that is regularly moved day-in-day out seems to be more realistic. Not saying that the machine drops dead after 36 months, just that the life cycle is usually shorter than 5, certainly for college 4 would be a better comparison, you get a computer right before you start school and keep it to the end.

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