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Comment Re:depends (Score 1) 1137

why take the bus when you have a perfectly good bike with you?

Perhaps because the GP didn't want to show up to work in the morning drenched with sweat and exhausted?

I find that I am much more alert and invigorated after cycling to work. Most work places have showers these days. Instead of showering at home, I showered at work in the morning. It worked great.

Comment Cycle commuting rocks... (Score 1) 1137

Cycling is bar far the best way to commute. In dense traffic situations, its as fast or faster than driving and way faster than taking transit. Here is an informal race to demonstrate the point: And it makes double use of your time. You get exercise while commuting to work. And it saves money. A lot of it. $460 per month in parking fees alone in the example above.

Comment I have a Mac 128 (Score 2, Interesting) 296

I have a Mac 128 with an Apple Imagewriter, one of the first ones where they used a regular DB25 cable instead of the Appletalk cable. I can't believe its 25 years old. I bought it in 1990 for the printer. I think the lady said she paid $4500 for it. At the time I told her that could buy her a very nice '386

Submission + - What if we had an ultracapacitor ?

elmerfud2000 writes: The Detroit Autoshow is in progress and to me it seems much ado about nothing. GM is *talking* about the Volt. Ford has a nice compact Lincoln concept car. Ho hum... meanwhile manufacturers are saying they are trying to get every last drop of economy out of their ICE platforms, but I think we all know that with $25 oil on the horizon they are secretly lusting after the return of high margin SUV sales. It seems to me there is no real innovation going on. Its like we are waiting for the next big technological breakthrough to occur. What if the world had a high energy density ultracapacitor ? Say about 1 KWHr/Kg, virtually no charge/discharge current limits and it lasts forever. Say it costs $50/KWhr stored. How would that change the world ? Would it make a dent in the use of ICEs ? How would that change Detroit ?

Comment Oil is ~$36. The electric car is DEAD. Again... (Score 2, Insightful) 394

Oil closed at ~$36/bbl today. The electric car is dead. Again. Gasoline is about $1.50 per gallon. Consumers are broke. Nobody wants to buy an electric car these days. Its funny how we think that electric cars would save Detroit. Detroit isn't very tech savy. They are savy at building big hulking SUVs and pickup trucks. They can't compete in the small car market. How will they ever compete in the electric car market. Do we really think that US made batteries, managed by the likes of Rick Wagner (sp?) and assembled by Joe Detroit Autoworker at a cost of $75/hour are going to be competitive with batteries built in China ? Its funny how just a couple years ago we had billions and billions of dollars for home mortgages. Now we have to go to the government to finance something that our future may depend on.

Submission + - Still no KDE4.1 for Fedora 9. Worst release ever

elmerfud2000 writes: When F9 shipped, KDE 4.0 was heralded as the best thing since sliced bread. Only they forgot to tell us that KDE4.0 was incomplete. For those that aren't aware, things like drag and drop on the desktop don't work, flash videos are iffy at best and KGet doesn't work at all. I know, I know... Fedora is a bleeding edge distro. Well, F9 was a "cut your fingers off" release as far as I am concerned. Nevertheless, Fedora came up with a plan to rectify this. KDE 4.1 will be better and it will be done by the end of July. So here we sit on August 22nd and we still haven't seen KDE4.1. Fedora 9: worst Linux release ever ? I think so.

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