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Comment You cannot have privacy if you are using Ubuntu (Score 1, Interesting) 93

In 2009, Jane Silber became the CEO of Canonical in 2009. Canonical makes Ubuntu.

Jane Silber's previous job was at that military contractor, namely the C4 Division of General Dynamics. It turns out that at the C4 Systems division is all about using computers for spying.

From their website: "General Dynamics C4 Systems is a trusted leader in the development of intelligence and information gathering systems for national defense and homeland security. These systems are designed to receive, process, exploit and disseminate information -- in different forms and often from different networks -- and distribute relevant information to operators, both in the field and at higher headquarters."

Comment Americans (Score 1) 745

Most Americans still believe that foreigners perpetrated 9/11, that the 2000 election wasn't rigged before the Supreme Court decided it, and that a lone gunman killed Kennedy. The mindset is basic capitalistic utopian anti-intellectualism. Most everybody wants to get rich QUICK and flash the bling around. (In suburbia the "bling" takes the form of a big SUV and a big house.) Americans obsess over fantasy football and Black Friday and who the latest hot pórn starlet is but they don't realize that a revolution is happening in America -- in which globalist hijackers have taken over the government and plan to fly it into the ground.

Comment Re:WTF is the point? (Score 0) 45

In my experience, the complete absence of a stated ethical goal usually means the military is running it.

Even douche-bag start-up weenies will lie and say they're trying to do good for the planet.

The only people that categorically refuse to say they're hoping to do good are those who know they're doing bad i.e. criminals, military, etc.

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